Tips on Increasing Your Email List

Tips on Increasing Your Email List | InMotion Hosting

If you’ve been in the sales business since before the recent ecommerce website hosting boom, then you probably remember the days of having to do “cold calling” and collecting “leads.”

While those days have definitely changed, there is one area that business owners still have to deal with. Instead of “leads,” those in sales now need a good collection of email addresses so they can do email marketing to gain sales.

But how do you acquire those addresses so that you can turn them into sales? Let’s look at some tips on how you can increase your email list.

  1. The first way to grow your email list is by placing a sign-up sheet on your ecommerce website hosting plan. You can place this at the bottom of your home page so that your customers can browse your site, decide what they think about it, and then sign up at the bottom in order to get more information about deals and discounts. If you place the sign-up at the top of the page, you may alienate your readers by making them think you are pushing them to sign-up. (It’s kind of like the difference between easing a customer in and hitting them right away with the hard sell.)
  2. Another option is with doing a pop-up on your home page. Again, you don’t want to do this right away, as you may push your customers away. But after a minute or so, your customers should have had ample opportunity to view the site and decide what they think about your company. Then, you can place a pop-up that covers part of this page. You can even include a call to action such as “Sign-up now for regular discounts in your inbox” along with a negatively phrased opt-out button such as “No thanks. I’m not interested in saving money.” (Who is going to push a button like that anyway? Everyone wants to save money.)
  3. The absolute easiest way to generate a list of emails is from customers who make purchases. As part of the purchasing process, you should obtain the customer’s address so that you can send a confirmation email and a shipping confirmation as well. By collecting your customer’s emails at this point, you can send follow-ups such as a request for reviews and discounts offers on similar products or services.
  4. Yet another way to get a list of emails going is to offer your customers something in return. When you have them sign-up on your site (either through a footer sign-up or a pop-up), you have to offer them something in return. A 10% to 15% discount or an option like free shipping can be great incentives. Even giving them a sample of your product can go a long way towards increasing your email addresses and inspiring people to buy your products.
  5. Finally, you are going to need to set up your website to properly collect all of these emails. There are numerous plugins available for WordPress websites that will allow you to set up either a footer or a pop-up to collect emails. But these plugins will also aid you in creating email campaigns. By offering regular discounts and incentives, such as birthday deals, you can keep these customers from unsubscribing. Another popular way to use these emails is to track what visitors are looking at that they don’t purchase. This way, you can send them a follow-up email that offers them a discount on that product as a second chance attempt to make a sale.

If you have an ecommerce website hosting plan, then you are going to need regular, returning customers who can be turned into regular sales. InMotion Hosting can help you set up an ecommerce website with the best plugins and designs.  This will help you generate your email list, turn these into sales leads, and drive your business to success.

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