Tips for Customizing a Blog Page

In a world full of copycats and imitators, the Website Creator can help you create a custom blog that stands out. The uniqueness of your website will set you apart from the competition and allow you to create a narrative your audience is likely to follow.

How does it work?

Website Creator is a powerful tool that allows you to build your blog in any way you can imagine. From design to layout, we’re going to show you how to personalize your site and make it your own.

Now let’s get going!

Basic Blog Design

It’s likely you already have a vision in mind when you think of your blog. Something sassy and fun with lots of bright colors, or maybe something a little more toned down and professional. Whatever you’re thinking, Website Creator can bring it to life.

Easily to change your entire look and layout with just a few clicks. Once you’ve got Website Creator launched, the first step in creating your new site is choosing an “inspiration,” or theme. Themes control the entire look of your blog, and there are many to choose from – over 200, to be exact, all broken down into simple categories to make things a little easier for you.

Can’t find something you like? No worries. You can also choose from WordPress’ extensive library of literally thousands of options.

Although the process is fairly self-explanatory, we have in-depth tutorials on how to install your first theme or how to change themes on our site, if you need them.

Adding Navigation Menus

Once you’ve installed your theme, you’ll want to make sure visitors can find their way around. In fact, easy-to-use navigation is one of the most critical elements on your website. Why? Because if visitors have to search for what they need, they’ll leave. Period.

Doubtful? Studies show that the average website user will leave within a matter of seconds if they don’t immediately see what they want.  

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, create a simple navigation menu so readers can easily find the important sections of your site (like “About,” “Contact,” and “Blog.”).

Website Creator gives you the ability to work with multiple methods to manipulate the menu’s structure to meet your visitors’ needs. The most common technique is to nest items, or group like items together, but there are several other options for customization.

Customizing Your Blog

Want to really make your blog stand out? Use the included customizer to go beyond the basics.

There are a variety of ways you can add a personal touch or branded content, but these are some of the most popular:

  • Widgets: Have you ever visited a website and seen the little cubes at the bottom of the page that link to that business’ Facebook or Twitter? Those are widgets. They are small blocks that perform a specific function, and they’re a fun way to customize your site.
  • Colors: Every theme comes with a pre-determined set of colors, but you can easily adjust them to suit your needs. For example, if you want your blog to match your company logo, that is something you could quickly change.  
  • Background image: Likewise, every theme comes with a pre-set background image, but you can easily change it to your own photo or logo. In addition, you can customize the image’s position, repeat, and attachment.

Adding Plugins

Website Creator actually comes with a suite of premium WordPress plugins that help power your site. From SEO to backup to image galleries, it’s all there.

Want a feature that’s not there? You also have access to the hundreds of free and premium plugins available through WordPress. There are plugins for adding a shopping cart, creating an online scheduler, automatically publishing posts to Facebook, and – really – almost anything you can think of.

Blogs with Website Creator

These days, there are hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of other people online, doing exactly the same thing that you do. They’re selling the same products or services and vying for the same audience.

If you want to stand out, make your blog beautiful, easy-to-use, and uniquely you.

Reach out today to find out how our Website Creator can help you get started on your one-of-a-kind blogging journey.

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