The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Quickest WordPress Hosting

Speed is king on the internet, and it is no different when it comes to WordPress Hosting. In order to keep your website relevant and visitors coming back, you need a smooth user experience. To ensure this positive experience you need speed and a host that can provide that speed.

There are many aspects of speed to consider when choosing the correct plan for your website. Read through our handy guide to see what we mean and to help you choose the best plan for you.

Why Speed Matters

Before we get into the details that make a host fast, we need to talk about why it matters. As mentioned above, a speedy website helps ensure a smooth user experience and keeps people coming back.

More importantly, speed keeps people from leaving. A 2011 study by The Nielsen Norman Group, world leaders in research based on user experience, stated that you have 10 seconds to impress a new visitor on your site.

More recent articles suggest that the time to impress a visitor is now down to two seconds. This is why speed is important for your website and your business.

What Tests Can You Run to See Where You’re At

  • Load Speed. The biggest test is the load speed test – seeing how fast your site loads. There are many sites that offer these types of tests. It is best to run them in incognito mode or from a different computer, as it will ensure there is not cached info from your site to enable it to load faster. What you want to see is a time less than 2 seconds, any thing over and you increase the chance of that visitor leaving.
  • Bounce Rate. Google defines bounce rate as a single-page session on your site. Having a high bounce rate is not what you want. This means visitors are coming to your site, not clicking anywhere else, and then leaving. You want to keep them on your site. Increasing the speed of your site is one of the few ways to keep visitors on your site longer.  
  • Page Size. The page size is a little trickier compared to the other two factors. The size of your page is the total size of everything on your page, images, actions, fonts, etc. If your site is more dynamic, that can increase the size as well. Ideally, you want a page size smaller than 200kb. This allows for faster loading speed and a better experience for web surfers. That being said, there are ways around this to allow you to have more on your site, but still keep a low page size.

Why a Host Makes a Difference

Although speed is the focus of this guide, what is speed if not paired with a capable host? We’ve mentioned in previous articles that not all hosting plans are created equal.

This is also the case for the companies that provide the service. There are thousands of hosts to choose from, and it is up to you to decide which works best for you.

Here are some things to look for in a good host:

  • Plans. A good host will stand above the rest not only because of the speed offered, but the type of plans offered as well. Hosts that only offer one type of plan will be specialized in that plan, at least they should be, but what if you want to change your plan? Well, time for you to find a new host. Building a relationship with a host that is beneficial and supportive is a huge upgrade for any business. If you’re able to build this type of relationship, but want to change your hosting plan, a good host will be able to assist you in this and keep you as a client.
  • Support. Support is big, big, big. Let’s say your website suddenly slows down and you need to figure out why. Being able to access your host at any time can save your website from not working properly and therefore save you money. Do your research and look into reviews for the host and support they provide. If there is a running theme in reviews, chances are it’s true and is something to think about. Also, be blunt about it and ask the company themselves. You’ll be able to get a feel for how they deal with potential customers.
  • Ease of Use. How easy is it to access your data, settings, account, etc? If you have to run around just to get to a simple piece of information, you should consider changing hosts. This is your information – you are paying for it – so you deserve to be able to access anything and everything whenever you want.

How to Choose Your Host

Now that you know a little more about website speed and hosts, let’s talk about why you’re here. How do you find the quickest WordPress Hosting plan? Well, this part is pretty simple.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Bandwidth. Bandwidth allows your website to transfer data between it, the user, and throughout the internet. Higher bandwidth means higher speed and connection between the user and your site. It’s a good idea to choose a plan that has more bandwidth than you currently need. That being said, if you only need a small amount because you don’t plan on expanding your site drastically and aren’t expecting a ton of visitors, don’t get the top tier with the most bandwidth.
  • Storage. How much can your plan store for your website? If you have a fairly large site, you’ll want a large amount of storage. When you use most of your space, your site can suffer. You won’t be able to add more to your site, possibly not even be able to upgrade it. These will all slow down your site, which is not ideal.
  • Visitors. Some hosts will display the number of visitors each plan is suitable for. You’ll want to consider future use when thinking about this. It’s good to have a plan for the current visitor amount your site is experiencing, but you need to think about the future.

Our WordPress Hosting Promise

At InMotion Hosting we take hosting very seriously. We provide top-notch WordPress plans, unlimited bandwidth, larger storage options, 24/7 support, and low costs.

Not only do we cover all the bases in the guide, but we also go beyond that as well. With each WordPress plan, you are able to use our Website Creator to design a phenomenal website you can call your own. We provide the most speed and offer the most bang for your buck.

Overall, when choosing the quickest WordPress Hosting plan, you not only need to consider how fast it is but also all the other helpful perks and features that come with it. Our hosting plans are fast, have tons of storage, and more add-ons than you need, but that’s why we’re the best. We worry about the speed and function of your site so you don’t have to.

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