The SEO Checklist Every Small Business Needs

The SEO Checklist Every Small Business Needs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an increasingly complicated and time draining field. If you don’t know where to begin, SEO may be daunting.

You want to be seen online, and that means you have to be relative to the people searching for your site. Imagine that SEO is a highway: if your SEO flows smoothly and efficiently, your customer will move from initiating a search of your business to arriving on its web page almost instantly.

If the SEO path is broken, however, or full of detours that miss the point of your business, it’s like your customer has to battle road construction, random detours, and dead ends to get to you. If you were a customer, which road would you trust? The one that led you straight away or the one that seemed confused about the path?

Building Your SEO Road Map

SEO is not a big mysterious phenomenon, it’s a road map. That’s why we put together a checklist of nine essential things you need to do to get a handle on your business’s SEO.

Build content that’s relative to your business and customers.

Update your Google My Business Page. Google My Business is a free service offered by Google that lets you claim and update your business information at any time. Google My Business is slightly different from Apple Maps Connect and review sites like Yelp in that it allows you to upload photos and videos to enhance your listing. This gives you coverage in regular search, photos, and videos for all search engines, further enhancing your business ranking. Make sure your content, address, phone number, business hours, and business website link are all accurate.

Your customers can even ask you questions from the search engine. Keep on top of that so you can get answers to them as they need it.

Get optimized through local businesses, blogs, organizations, and events. Choose places that fall in line with your brand. Local newspapers or media outlets may run a local piece on your place. Local bloggers with a small following primarily from your area are another option. You can get local event pages to host your information, local charities that you sponsor, and even other local businesses that are open to having a local partners page or “businesses we love” page. The point is to get the locals interested in your business.

Internal links are key to building a solid foundation. For example: you’re writing an article entitled “Five Tips to Stop Procrastinating.” In your back content, you have a video from your site showing the use of the Pomodoro Technique. Link or embed the page or article with the video to create a more solid connection.

Catch customer attention using compelling title tags and meta descriptions. Make sure your content doesn’t have truncated links. You want titles so those keywords can make a difference.

Keyword research is something that has to be done on a regular basis. How do people find you? Through keyword searches. Know your keywords and make sure they’re regularly used. Streamline the process by generating a list of primary and secondary keywords and give it to everyone who makes content for your site.

Image optimization is the next step. You want to make sure every image on your site is indexed with tags and keywords that show its relevance. If you have an image of your amazing product, but no description, how will people be able to find you through the photo search?

Use H2 tags in your content. These are called subheadings. They break your content down into easily scanned blocks.

Optimize your video content to make it relative. They should be emotionally compelling or educational to effectively reach most of your audience. It should have a short engaging title (like your content mentioned above), with a target keyword, and a full description that explains the topic of your video and what your audience should expect.

SEO for Your Small Business

What will you start with first? Remember that SEO is an ongoing part of your overall site maintenance. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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