The Power of Social Media and WordPress

The Power of Social Media and WordPress

For those who are looking to drive more traffic to a WordPress website, you need look no further than to social media. There are many great ways to connect your WordPress site to your social media accounts as a means of promoting your page.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the ways that you can use the power of social media to your advantage:

Social Media Plugins

What makes WordPress such a great platform is that it allows third-party vendors to create plugins that you can add with ease to do just about anything. Social media plugins are just a natural extension of this. Some of these include:

  • Easy Social Metrics Pro—It isn’t enough to just post things onto social media or gain more followers. This plugin provides you with the valuable data that you need to see how your posts are performing on various social media platforms. It allows you to sort by date and popularity so that you can determine what posts are being shared the most. You can then use this data to tweak your posts so that you can get more shares and followers.
  • Feed Them Social—This plugin allows you to display your social media feeds directly on your website. This doesn’t use widgets or anything else that can look clunky but instead allows you to quickly integrate your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds along with others such as Vine, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Monarch—This plugin has an amazing number of social media networks beyond the “Big Three” of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, Monarch allows you to place buttons on your website for over 20 different social media platforms. This also has different styles of pop-ups and floating sidebars as well as sharing buttons that you can add to your page to help integrate with your social media accounts.
  • Revive Old Post—Even if you have been blogging for a while, it is not too late to get involved in social media posting. This plugin allows you to share older posts to your accounts without having to manually repost them, using automatic features to regularly post this material.
  • Social Locker—This places the content of your website behind social media buttons. Then, your site visitors can like and repost your content with ease. In this way, you can get your material out to the public and then they can, in turn, spread your blogs to their friends through social media platforms, thereby gaining you even more followers.
  • Social Warfare—What makes this plugin such a great option is twofold. First, it is incredibly customizable with over 5,000 different combinations of buttons that you can use to connect with your readers. The other thing that this plugin can do is help you sort your blog posts by popularity based on the number of reposts or other social media shares it has received.
  • Create Your Own—One of the most exciting new ideas in social media is to ultimately create your own social media platform. You can use a plugin called BuddyPress to seamlessly integrate with your WordPress website. When you use this, visitors to your site can:
  • Register with your site and create their own profiles;
  • Follow feeds from other users and the website itself;
  • Join sub-communities such as groups based on interests;
  • Add each other as friends/followers; and
  • Send private messages to each other.

This ability to create your own social platform is just another way to help bring in customers and keep them closely connected so that they can share interests and posts all connected by your central hub.

WordPress offers several options when it comes to using social media to bring in readers and interact with them in meaningful ways. Plugins are central to getting your social media message out to your readers. Power your website with the speed of WordPress Hosting. Learn all the details today!

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