The Easiest Backup Plugin for WordPress

The Easiest Backup Plugin for WordPress

Imagine this: you’ve just wrapped up work for the week and you’re ready to head out the door. Suddenly, you remember that you forgot to backup the website. Augh! Now you have to head back in, fire up the computer, and get the process started. What a disappointment …the entire ordeal could have been avoided by installing an automated WordPress backup plugin.

In this article we walk you through some backup basics.

Why Backup My WordPress Website?

If you think your website doesn’t need regular backups, think again.

Just imagine what might happen if your site stopped working for half an hour. Now imagine that same scenario, only for several hours.

It would be devastating, right? If you run a web-based business, that could amount to a lot of lost sales!

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all the time. A business will fail to backup their website, a hacker or a virus will take it down and then … they’re left in the dark.

Without a backup to restore the site, it could take quite some time to get it up and running again.

Regular website backups help ensure that you never end up in this situation. They keep all your data safe and protected – and enable to you get things back up quickly in the event of an emergency.

How to Run a Backup

There are two ways to run a back: manual and automatic.

  • Manual backup – Manual backup is simple – if you know what you’re doing. But unless you’re a web developer, it’s likely you don’t even know how to access your system files.

Perhaps even more importantly – manual backups are very easy to ignore. As business owners, we all have a lot on our plates – and running a website backup doesn’t always seem like the most urgent thing on the agenda.  

Unfortunately, we all know what can happen when backups go missing. It’s not an ideal situation!

  • Auto backup – If you like your business (or at least the mundane tasks) to run on autopilot, then this is the option for you.

    Auto backup allows you to go in, set a schedule, and never have to worry about it again (it is not a bad idea, however, to check every now and then just to make sure things are running smoothly!).

There are countless options for automated WordPress backup solutions, but we especially like WordPress backup plugin by BoldGrid.

Why? It’s super easy!

Customizable schedules and features such as database and filesystem backup, improved retention, and granular automation, make it incredibly simple to use. And with both free and premium options, there is something for everyone.

Here’s a little more on how it works:

BoldGrid Backup Plugin Installation for WordPress

If you already have a BoldGrid site, you can quickly download the backup plugin from the plugins menu.

From there, installation is fast and easy. Simply log into your admin dashboard, go to the plugins menu, and then click “add new”.  

Look for the button labeled “new plugin”, then “upload new” and find the BoldGrid Backup Plugin zip.

If you’re a WordPress veteran, you’ll already be familiar with the process. And even if you’re not, you’ll have no problem figuring it out.

Creating a Backup With the BoldGrid Backup Plugin

The BoldGrid backup plugin allows you to make a backup at any time you want, for true convenience. The first time you use it, it will give you several warnings – this is to make sure no errors occur and everything runs smoothly. Most importantly, perhaps, is to make sure you run your backup during off-peak hours, so the customer experience isn’t impacted.

Once you’re ready to go, just log into your WordPress admin dashboard, click on the BoldGrid option, run the preflight check, and then click on backup.

It’s really that easy!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best free WordPress backup plugin, our votes for BoldGrid backup plugin. It has given peace-of-mind knowing that your backups are automatically being taken without any issues. Bring an incredible speed and performance boost to your WordPress website. Get WordPress Hosting.

Correction: InMotion Hosting no longer offers free backups. Sorry! However, you can now get the feature-rich backup manager service for an additional $2/month. Don’t let your site get caught without backups.

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