The BEST 2019 Email Hosting

If you’re trying to run a business in 2019, then you know that your email hosting service can make or break your company. Today, most clients expect you to respond almost immediately to a message, be it a question or a complaint. If you don’t get a client email or if an email is delayed because of a slow server, it can cause you to miss out on a major piece of business. But most businesses don’t know much about how email hosting works or what to look for when choosing a hosting service.

This is an overview of what an email hosting service is and what types of services you should look for when choosing one.

What is Email Hosting?

Just like a web hosting server is a computer that houses your website, an email hosting server is one that you rent out to house all of your company’s emails, both sent and received. This is different than free email accounts such as Google’s Gmail. In this, your email server is designed specifically to take care of your business’s needs and it gives you more customization and personalization features than you can get with a free email service.

What Should You Look For with an Email Hosting Service?

There are several things that an email hosting service can provide that a free email account like Yahoo or Gmail can’t give you. These include:

  • Custom Email Addresses—The best thing that your own email hosting can give you is a custom email address for you and all of your employees. You will no longer have to use an email like Instead, you can put your company name in the domain of your email address so that it would read This is a much more professional system that lets your customers know that you aren’t a “fly-by-night” operation but a professional corporation. It also shows the recipient exactly who they are dealing with and what company is trying to contact them.
  • Security—One of the biggest problems with emails today is the issue of malware and computer viruses. These are sent by hackers hoping to either find a backdoor into your computer network or looking to infect your website. With an email hosting service, you don’t have to install your own anti-virus software as the service will generally provide this for you.
  • Storage and Limits—If you run an online business, you’re going to need to keep a lot of emails as a record of communications. You will also sometimes need to send large files through email with documents to clients. With an email hosting service, you will have more storage than with a free service. In addition, many services offer cloud storage for transferring large multi-gigabyte documents that can’t be sent through email.
  • Support Staff—If you’re running your own email server, then you will need to have an administrator on staff to make sure that the emails keep running and your system doesn’t go down. But if you contract with an email hosting service, then you will have technical support 24/7. In this way, if your email goes down in the middle of the day or night, you will have someone making sure that you are up and running as soon as possible.

Choosing an Email Host

There are a lot of different email hosting services that are available. Some of them, like InMotion Hosting, couple the features of an email service with the ease and simplicity of a secured web hosting service for your company’s website. Whichever you choose, it should definitely be one that has the options your business requires.

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