The Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Benefits of WordPress Hosting | InMotion Hosting

If you’ve started putting together a website for your small business, chances are you’re using WordPress as your content management system (CMS) and you’ve also probably heard about WordPress hosting.

WordPress has almost cornered the market on website creation. In fact, over 33% of all sites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. That’s why it’s such a good idea to consider a hosting platform that is completely devoted to WordPress.

Let’s look at what is available in terms of hosting, so you can see why devoted WordPress hosting makes the most sense.

The Alternatives

There are many alternatives to WordPress Hosting.  The most common include:

  • Shared Servers—This is where your website’s data is saved on a network server with other websites. The upside to this is that it’s inexpensive and works great for smaller businesses just starting out. The downside, however, is that these tend to be slower, less secure servers that are subject to traffic spikes that can slow you down even more.
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)—A VPS is a shared server on which your website is partitioned as if it is a separate computer. This is more stable in terms of speed, but it can still be open to problems of hacking if another website on your actual server is hacked. The good news is that a VPS can be easily adapted to fit your individual needs. However, it is also limited to the constraints of equipment that still has to be shared among the other sites on the server.
  • Dedicated Servers—This is the top of the line when it comes to traditional servers because it features one website saved onto its one server. You basically get all the storage space and processing power of that server to help your site run faster and more efficiently. However, great resources come with great price tags. These tend to be the most expensive servers on the market.
  • Cloud Servers—In this configuration, your site is saved onto not just one shared server, but on multiple servers networked together. This means that if one server goes out, then others can step in to accommodate the loss. However, this is also an expensive option that most small businesses may not be able to afford.

WordPress Hosting

So what are the actual advantages of using this type of specific hosting platform? If you owned a million-dollar yacht, you would want to take it to a specialist who only works on yachts. You wouldn’t expect a car garage to be able to care for your boat. The same applies to hosting. These servers are designed specifically for WordPress. Other advantages include:

  • Better Security—When there is an update to WordPress, new security patches are generally installed at or around the same time so that you can get the most up-to-date protection.
  • Plugin Compatibility—Not all plugins will work together and cooperate. Because WP designers regularly deal with these types of issues, they know which ones can coordinate well with each other.
  • Support—Again, these are trained professionals who know the WordPress platform inside and out. They will be able to ensure that your website is optimized to run on WordPress and that it is then working on the optimal server.

If you choose to use WordPress for your CMS platform, then it also makes sense to choose a WordPress Hosting service that is optimized to run your website faster and smoother. Managed hosting services such as InMotion Hosting can provide you with the safety and security you need for your small business website.

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