The 5 Reasons Your Website Needs Video

The 5 Reasons Your Website Needs Video

Its estimated that 80% of the world’s internet usage will be video by 2019. Video has become one of the most important and often overlooked tools in a marketing strategy. If you’re still not sure whether or not you should have video on your website, we’ve compiled five impossible to ignore reasons why you should.

Improve Your Search Engine Results

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. When you consider that over 1 billion users are part of the YouTube viewership, you realize that almost a third of all Internet users consume videos on a regular basis.

Search engines like Google have multiple search engine categories. Video, as a whole, is a large and often searched category. Using the right keywords in your video title and description can give you a significant SEO boost.

Video Humanizes Your Reach

People want to know that they’re talking to a person, not a machine. Video provides an opportunity to create trust. People can hear and see you. They see your body language, eyes, hands, and more. They know who you are based on what you share and how you show yourself.

A video touches more of the senses, specifically sight and sound. For visual and audio learners, that is wonderful. If you combine it with a hands-on tutorial that they can follow along with, you’ve also touched base with kinesthetic learners.

Video Benefits Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Video gives you a chance to keep visitors on your site longer. This is true whether you embed the video or host them directly on your website.

Video Enhances Your Reach

Give your customers and clients a more enriching experience by creating videos. For instance, you can introduce your business, showcase products and/or services, show some behind-the-scenes action within your business, share customer testimonials, or teach your audience something.

A video should enhance the lives of the people who watch it in some way.

It also gives people an opportunity to find you in a way they hadn’t had before. Videos are bite-sized content that someone can watch during a commute, on break, or during downtime.

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Stand Out from the Competition

You have an opportunity to connect with a previously untapped audience. Most of your competition has ignored the significance of video and that works in your favor. Competitors with more videos and enhanced learning opportunities for viewers will be able to get ahead. Make sure you get there first.

When you plan your videos, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Each video should have a defined purpose from the beginning. Keep the message short, simple, and focused on that purpose.
  2. Keep your video interesting. A talking head with a monotone voice isn’t the best option (unless that’s your gimmick).
  3. Keep your video professional. Shaky camera movement is okay once in a while, but constantly using it can make viewers bounce due to annoyance and motion sickness. Use a tripod when you can (this is especially true for live video).
  4. Shoot with a script wherever possible.
  5. Have a clear call to action. Every video should have a call to action. It could be something as simple as a request to leave a comment or something as significant as a buy request.
  6. Don’t oversell yourself. If every video involves a sales push, you will lose your audience quickly.

Don’t let video’s power and potential pass you by – start preparing to film and edit your first video today!

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