Pin this FB Filmstrip Hack [Cool Facebook Template]

Download the FB Filmstrip Template here:

Facebook Template

A little while ago we published a Photoshop Template complete with Guidelines so you could create your own Facebook Page Timeline cover. Now here’s a quirky template for you to customize presentations of your Facebook Albums on the Timeline.

You better Pin this useful map of how filmstrips work on Facebook!

a. New Images, Appear Left-to-right. Facebook will automatically present them on your timeline in this order. It’s always the first photo of your set in the primary position, followed by a string in the order you uploaded them underneath. Simple? try to keep it that way as an album of four images at a time, because further uploads to the same album can start to become messy…
b. Further uploads in the same time frame, Right-to-Left. will appear as a film strip with the most recent thumbnail on the left. Facebook will only show the latest 3 uploaded photos. All photos no-matter what their layout will be re-framed to a centralized square of 133px to display as the thumbnail in the film-strip.
c. Additional edits to the album, can end up with your timeline post looking a bit tricky. Removing images from the stream, additions to the album that aren’t in groups of three, will end up in the film strip showing the two earliest un-presented additions to the album in the left-to-right format, with the latest image up front.
d. Highlighted album will show the film strip running Left-To-Right in order of upload, no matter if you swap images around in your album afterwards

Here’s our attempt at the Facebook Album Hack;

I’m looking forward to screencapping a bunch of reader’s responses so get on and show me your FB Hacks!



Smarten up your Facebook Brand Page with our Adobe Template

We’ve put together a Facebook Template Download of some standard facebook sizes:

  • Facebook Cover Photo 851 x 315 px
  • Facebook Profile Photo 160 x 160 px
  • Facebook Tab Photos 112 x 75 px

Click here to download the facebook cover photo template –>

Now to get started, what I really mean by ‘Smarting up your Facebook Brand Page’ is actually a double-entendre. I won’t go into the specifics of setting up Facebook Timeline here, because I’ve given you the template, and aspects of design related optimization are a whole area of study.

Instead I’m going to focus on making smarter use of your Facebook Brand page, exposing some of the recipes to get you the most clickthrough, traction, and interaction. Obviously most brands that have a lot of consumer awareness about them are already going to have visibility and so probably aren’t optimizing the most out of their pages. I’m not saying they don’t need to, they just aren’t concerned with it.

However, the tact has to be a lot more objective for the start-up, small business owner, or consultant level business. Your numbers are going to be small to start with, every fan counts, and here’s what I recommend to make sure you aren’t losing out on every single opportunity that presents – In a nutshell.

Facebook Links

There is NO excuse to not capitalize on click-through to your website. After all, you’ve gone to all that effort of branding your page using our facebook template, and you want your customers to find you. Don’t anticipate or expect people will be inclined to navigate to your ‘About’ page when you can remove that extra step and Facebook will GIVE you a live link back to your website. This link will appear right in the heat zone where visitors will first  see it.

Here’s how to get the live link showing right where your new fans can click through to check you out:

  1. As page administrator, click the ‘About’ section. It will open up a page description.
  2. Look for the opportunity to ‘Edit’ in the right-hand corner. Click that to open up a form page.
  3. Somewhere near the bottom of the form page there is the ‘About’ field. No HTML is accepted here so you can’t put in strings of <a href=”code”> in here! However, if you prefix your url with [http://] like –> http://YOURDOMAIN.COM Facebook will automatically convert it to a live link.

The same process of applying a prefix to your domains ‘http://’ will often be converted on many sites not just Facebook to a live link, so it’s a habit to definitely take on board.