Single Page Website Options May Surprise You

Single Page Website Options May Surprise You

You may think that a single page website is limiting upon creativity and imagination. But that’s not true.

Just take a quick glance at the websites for some of your favorite brands. You’ll see a single page design has become a new trend.


One of the best things about the single page philosophy is you can do a lot with less.

With a single page, your visitors can simply scroll down one long passageway of helpful information.

This means you can isolate the key values of your brand and have them organized in one location.

Navigation is Easier With a Single Page Website

As soon as you introduce new pages to your site, you have to start thinking about navigation.

Navigation can be a difficult task when considering how your site is going to be used.

There’s a delicate balance: you don’t want to dictate to your visitors where they should go, but at the same time you don’t want them to skim over your key value proposition.

So what can you do?

A single page website solves this issue with virtually no effort on your part. Navigation need not concern you because your visitors will only be scrolling in two directions: up and down.

Our Designers Can Figure It Out For You

Whether you want to stick with one page or multiple pages, our designers can figure it out for you and turn you over a brand new custom-designed website in just two business days.

We believe in a personal touch. Too many web builders out there give you generic designs that are recycled by hundreds of other users. What you’re left with is a sameness that ultimately lets you down.

With our QuickStarter service you get a professionally-designed site that is unique to your brand. Why would you want to settle for less than that?

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