Shopping Around For WordPress Security Plugins

Whether you’re new to WordPress or a seasoned pro, you should be always be on guard for new security exploits. We’ve got loads of articles on some of our favorite WordPress security plugins.

WordPress Security Plugins Make Your Life Easier

WordPress is a secure framework for your website because it’s updated so frequently by a wide network of developers.

But, this doesn’t mean you should ever let your guard down. We’ve isolated a few key features you should look for when shopping around for WordPress security plugins.

Powerful, But Not Too Powerful

You’ll want a plugin that brings in some powerful features.

Yet, if a plugin is too powerful, and trying to do too much, you can experience spikes in your server load. That’s not good, because high server load can bring your server down.

And, if you’re on shared hosting, you may get a warning from the system admins about usage issues on your account. (This is easily mitigated by upgrading to VPS hosting.)

Downtime Monitoring

The JetPack plugin comes with downtime monitoring by default. You’ll actually get an email letting you know when your site is down and when it comes back up.

But don’t let these indications frighten you. There are many instances in which a monitoring service can throw a false positive.

Permissions Editor

This is a rare feature, but there are some plugins that offer it. With a permissions editor, you can strategically adjust permissions for files at the root level of your site.

This means you can “harden” your files against tampering by bad agents.

File Scanners

Some plugins offer you the ability to scan your site for malicious files.

Again, concerns about resource usage will be a determining factor. Security scanning can spike your server load if undertaken at a peak time. This is why some plugins let you decide when you want to run a security scan in advance. This way, you can pick the best time, when load on your server is usually low.

Quality of Hosting Makes a Big Difference

If you’re concerned about WordPress security—as you must be—then the quality of your host is something you need to consider.

Before you spend weeks and months “hardening” your site, make sure your host hasn’t left a back door open!

We take security very seriously, and we’re updating and securing our infrastructure all the time. We want to make sure that all you need to worry about is your own site, and you can rest assured knowing the server itself is protected.

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