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If you’re trying to put together a website for the first time or if you’re an old pro when it comes to web design, chances are that you’ll find WordPress to be one of the easiest and most functional platforms to use.

If you choose WordPress (as have tens of thousands of designers), then you’ll probably know that you don’t have to learn how to code in order to build and launch a website.

Learn how to Make a Website

Believe it or not, there’s actually a way to streamline this process: Website Creator. Website Creator makes an easy process even easier. Read on to find out how:

Editing Environment—One of the most dynamic aspects of Website Creator is the editing environment. In edit mode, you get a simplified view of what your website will look like online as you build it offline. With Website Creator, what you see on the screen on your editing platform is exactly how it will look when you push it out live. In this case, what you see is what you get.

Drag and Drop—Another feature that makes web page editing so simple and functional is the drag and drop style of page development. Website Creator lays everything out for you in a simple grid format. You simply drag an element onto the grid and drop it into place wherever you want it. Want to add a new header? Just select it from the menu, drag it where you want it, and then drop it. The same goes for text blocks, pictures and the like.

Pre-Designed Themes—You also don’t have to worry about creating your website from scratch. Website Creator includes numerous themes—templates that allow you to take a pre-designed layout and then tweak it. These themes include menu bars and pages along with sample content. And many themes are specifically designed for particular business types to help these exude professionalism.

Staging Area—If you’re someone who likes to tweak your website and make changes (both subtle and bold) regularly, then you know that a big problem it is making that change only to find that it has caused your website to crash. You can’t afford to have your website down while you make changes to it. Website Creator provides you with a staging area which lets you edit your website before going live. Once you have the pages looking and behaving exactly as you want, you can then push the site out live from the staging area. This way, you can have a seamless transition from the old site design to the new one without any downtime.

Websites Made Easy

As you can see, Website Creator provides several options that allow you to make your already user-friendly WordPress website even easier to design and edit. The plugins in this suite also include options for SEO analysis as well as maintenance and security. By choosing Website Creator, you are getting a one-stop shop for your website that allows you to do just about everything that you could possibly need.

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