Reseller Hosting Is Your Business Model Delivered

Reseller Hosting Is Your Business Model Delivered | InMotion Hosting

Our Reseller Hosting is a Linux-powered open-source juggernaut. Yes, we’re proud of it. And we stand behind the features and addons that make our service not only meet but exceed industry standards and expectations.

If you’re not familiar with the “reseller” hosting model and how it differs from an individual hosting account, we’re going to go through it point by point.

Reseller Hosting is a Model For Your Own Hosting Business

Have you ever though about starting your own business? It can be incredibly difficult. Not only do you need an idea, but you need a business plan and a model for guiding you through the first few shaky years while you wait to turn a profit.

Yikes! It’s not for the faint of heart. But that’s where a reseller hosting plan makes your life a little easier.

With reseller hosting, the business model is already there. It’s pretty simple. Instead of creating hosting accounts for your customers, they can sign up for hosting by themselves. And you get the money! You can even offer tiered plans and individual control panels.

Power And Flexibility Without the Difficulty

Another great thing about our reseller plans is that you get the power and flexibility and features of a private server, but unlike a VPS plan, the resources are managed by our team of system administrators. And that’s a free benefit.

Imagine the cost of having a 24/7 system administration team working for you. With our plan, you get that benefit at no additional cost. Updates? Patches? Suspensions? You can take those worries off of your plate. We’ve got it covered.

More Affordable Than VPS

Even more, the reseller plans are more affordable than VPS plans. Reseller starts at less than $30 while VPS starts at around $40 and you’re on your own as far as managing that VPS and keeping it security hardened and updated.

Does VPS really mean more work for more money? Well, some users have their reasons for choosing VPS over reseller. Often, advanced admin users have custom scripts and workflows that they prefer to engineer themselves; so they need to be as near to the CPU as they can get. That’s fine. But if you don’t want to have to worry about such things, and just want to sell hosting, then the reseller model is for you.

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