Pro Projects That Require A Dedicated Server

Pro Projects That Require A Dedicated Server

You may be wondering, do I need a dedicated server? Deciding whether or not to make a jump up to dedicated is not a life-altering decision. It comes down to data and dollars. If your business is growing, your hosting needs will change. Dedicated hosting is just another way to serve the best possible experience and add the most value for your prospects. 

Here are a handful of situations that warrant dedicated hosting:

Hosting A Podcast

The marketing effects of a successful podcast is very tempting. Imagine thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of listeners engaging with your content every week. The low production costs of creating regular audio recordings entices newbies and professionals alike to get their piece of the action. 

There are expensive podcast hosting solutions on the web that charge you a high fee for basically storing your audio files and syndicating your episodes. But you can do all of that for a fraction of the cost, and get all the bandwidth and space you need, on a dedicated server running WordPress. All you need to do is install a few plugins and your WordPress site will syndicate the episodes for you to whatever platform your listeners are using.

Be Your Own Web Host

Every business needs a website. What if you could earn money by selling hosting space? As an agency you can manage thousands of clients’ websites from within one dedicated server. Likewise, reselling hosting space is a great way for designers and developers to supplement their income and better manage their customers.

All of the InMotion Hosting reseller hosting plans come with cPanel and WHM. But if you don’t want to use cPanel or have custom scripts and apps you want to install, a dedicated space can grant you more control. This is not possible at the reseller level, but opening up to dedicated grants you root access to make all the changes you need.

Create a Private Git Repository

You might be thinking, I could just use GitHub–it’s free, and now you can create private repositories (repos). But, keep in mind GitHub recommends keeping repos under 1GB and enforces a hard limit of 100GB. The purpose of this hard limit is to avoid large files clogging up their servers. But what if your project has a lot of large media files? 

With your own dedicated server, space is not an issue. For example, InMotion Hosting’s introductory dedicated hosting package starts out with a 500GB SSD drive. And if you fill that up you can easily upgrade to double that space.

Before space even comes into account, security factors should take center stage. Even large-scale projects on Github have let a password slip and had to rush to mitigate possible security threats. Why risk it? 

Making the Jump to Dedicated

The above are just a small sample of professional projects that are greatly improved in a dedicated hosting space. 

When you decide you’re ready to make the jump up to dedicated, we have all the resources you’ll need to ensure a smooth transition. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions you have.

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