Install Or Not? One Plugin Can Break Your WordPress Site

Don’t let it happen to you. One plugin can tank your WordPress site. No matter what kind of hosting you have, a bad plugin is simply bad. But how can you know which plugins will be safe to run on your site? Explore that question below by learning how to perform a plugin review.

In order to learn exactly how to perform a plugin review, you will want to visit the full guide in the InMotion Hosting support center: how to perform a plugin review.

The Importance of A Plugin Review Procedure

When it comes to managing your site, the best trick is to have procedures and plans for everything you do, so you don’t have to hold all that information in your head.

You’re sure to forget something important if you keep too many procedures and processes in your mental offices (which tend to lose important data when other inputs pour through).

The great thing about a plugin review procedure is that you can easily document it and just follow it every time you need to introduce a new plugin to your site.

The best and safest place to do a plugin review is in a staging site or local development environment. But, if you don’t have one of those, you can use the procedure before installing anything to make some important determinations.

The WordPress Hosting Difference

Running on standard software stacks, WordPress can serve itself amply on any hosting account. But, WordPress Hosting gives you an edge.

If a plugin is just bad, it’ll break on any site. But, there are high quality plugins that just require a powerful WordPress hosting stack. This is where your hosting matters most.

When your hosting stack is designed from the ground up to provide the best WordPress experience, the result is faster, more secure, more reliable and overall better than a standard hosting package.

Visit The InMotion Hosting Support Center For More Helpful Content

Along with the plugin review checklist, and hundreds of WordPress-related article, the InMotion Hosting support center is the best place to go for any hosting questions you have and to improve your general tech know-how. There are articles covering virtually every server topic you can think of; and be sure to leave a comment or ask a question if there’s a procedure you’d like to see documented.

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