Plan Your Instagram Feed in Photoshop

Plan Your Instagram Feed in Photoshop

If you’re looking to get your business more active on social media, then it’s essential you sign up with Instagram. Instagram currently has more than 1 billion users active each month.

To put that into perspective, that’s over three times as many active users as Twitter, making Instagram one of the top social media platforms in the world today. Whereas Twitter focuses on hashtags and verbal messages, Instagram is extremely visual, so it’s a good idea to use professional photo editing and layout software to help plan your Instagram feed.

Photoshop is one tool that can really make a difference when it comes to making your feed look professional.

Why should you plan your Instagram feed with Photoshop?

One of the features that make Photoshop so great is that you can use templates to help set up your visuals ahead of time. This allows you to tweak things like colors, fonts, and photo layouts so that you know exactly how it will look when you upload it.

Photoshop also lets you manipulate the quality of your pictures so that they look truly professional, a must if you are trying to create a business presence on Instagram. Once you have used Photoshop to create the perfect design, you can use other apps to help you utilize Instagram optimally including when to post your pictures to your feed.

But for now, think of Photoshop as the first step before you start putting things out there on social media.

What do you need to plan ahead of time?

Basically, when you are creating your graphics in Photoshop, there are four areas that you need to have a handle on. These include:

  • Color Scheme—Color is an important way to catch your audience’s attention. Sure, a black and white photo may have some poignancy to it, but a dash of color is going to grab their eyes. (If you can mix the two together—say, a black and white photograph with one color item—then you can really create some visual magic.) As for what colors to use, it is really up to you. Some people are all about branding—if that’s the case for you, then, by all means, stick to your corporate logo colors. But don’t feel you are stuck with them.  
    • Other people use every conceivable color possible. You can also let your calendar determine your color palette with soft pastels for springtime and darker earth tones for autumn. But get a handle early about how you want to use color in your posts and save your favorite colors to a swatches palette on Photoshop. Once you get that perfect shade of red or blue, you can come back to it again and again for consistency’s sake.
  • Fonts—Multiple fonts can actually be included in what is called a “font family.” Find one that works for you—such as an elegant script or something more light-hearted and whimsical. The idea here is to use something a little more dramatic than Arial or Times New Roman.  (Just don’t go with Comic Sans and you should be fine.)
  • Layout—How you want your images to appear on your feed is also important. Layout can involve a grid (Such as text on one side and images on another), rows (grouping images by theme in one row or column) with text in another, diagonal patterns, or even a 9 grid (a giant image of 3×3 blocks that include smaller spaces for things like pictures and text).
  • Post Types—Finally, you‘ll want to focus on the types of posts you are making so that you don’t repeat the same topic or style too often. These can include a mixture of quotes from influencers, pictures that serve as conversation starters, or even behind the scenes images.

Staying Ahead on Social media

Regardless of what field you are working in, it makes a lot of sense to use Photoshop to help lay out your Instagram feed. You want to include images, colors, fonts, and layouts that are elegant and professional so that you can draw in readers and hopefully turn them into customers.

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