Pizza Paaarrrtttaaayyy!!!

It’s Friday, May 18th…which happens to be…National Pizza Party Day!!!

Pizza Party!

I actually only heard about this fact on the radio this afternoon AFTER today’s office lunch. So it’s a funny coincidence that we opted for pizza as this week’s Foodie Friday lunch, which was Mike the Marketing Manager’s choice for the day (since it also happens to be his birthday). Happy burfday!

Today’s pizza/birthday party was catered by Beach Pizza, located down the street in Westchester.  I was originally going to place the order at The Good Pizza, which I found had good ratings on Yelp, but I got news that Sunil (InMotion’s Co-Founder) had a bad experience there.  Yikes, guess you can’t always depend on Yelp’s ratings.

Beach Pizza was a good choice though, which the office gave a 3.5 star rating.  Remember, we’ve got a picky bunch, so this is actually a pretty good rating from us folks over here.  You really can’t go wrong with pizza!

BBQ Chicken Supreme Pizza

We got a little “adventurous” with the pizza selections and got the BBQ Chicken Supreme (hickory-smoked BBQ sauce, chicken, onions and mozzarella), The Del Rey (sun-dried tomatoes, baked eggplant, fresh garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella and romano), the Popeye and Olive Oil (spinach, ricotta, fresh garlic and mozzarella with a bit of olive oil, and the The Meat Lovers (pepperoni, sausage, meatballs and ham).

The Del Rey Pizza

We also got some mild buffalo wings and salad, which were nothing special, but not bad.  Out of the 4 types of pizzas we got, my favorites were the BBQ Chicken Supreme and surprisingly The Del Rey, which had some great flavors going on!  The Popeye and Olive Oil wasn’t bad, it was basically a more tasty cheese pizza, and The Meat Lovers wasn’t bad either, but I’ve had better.

The Popeye & Olive Oil Pizza

Well after today, I’m going to be spending some time at the gym this weekend!  This was definitely a calorie fest with pizza and chicken wings…and then a Cookies ‘n Cream cake with Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream on top!

Cake Cake Cake

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