Taking Your Site’s Security Seriously: InMotion Hosting Announces Partnerships with Sucuri and Patchman


It seems like the nightly news has an item on cyber-attacks on an almost daily basis. Whether it is a malware blackmail scheme, a nationally sponsored attack against another government, or just a bit of malicious hijinks, threats to online security abound. Fortunately, there are ways to fight back and prevent these assaults.

To that end, InMotion Hosting proudly announces two new security products. These items will help you to secure your site and ensure the safety of your visitors.



Sucuri, an online security company, offers the latest in malware protection for websites. It provides malware detection and cleanup, blacklist repair, dirty SEO repairs, security monitoring, DDoS mitigation, and much more. It is easy to use and designed to integrate seamlessly with various content platforms, like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, and many more.

Sucuri has a team of security analysts around the world, monitoring for new and emerging threat 24 hours a day. Several of their team members have even contributed to some of the biggest innovations in malware protection in recent years. These are the experts in website security for a reason. And, it is this level of innovation, dedication to customer support, and unparalleled expertise that have made Sucuri a natural choice for website security for InMotion Hosting customers.

Sucuri is available for just $199.99 per year for InMotion Hosting customers. You can sign up for Sucuri directly on the InMotion Hosting Sucuri page.



Patchman detects malware vulnerabilities on websites and servers and automatically patches them. Patchman’s designers built it specifically for use on content management systems and web applications, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

Unlike most malware tools that simply scan and alert if a problem is detected, Patchman takes a far more proactive approach. It helps to reduce site down time and enhance security by automatically applying available patches as soon as they become available. The Patchman technology also prevents most problems associated with frequent updates, ensuring your site continues to run flawlessly without administrator intervention.

If a site has already been compromised, Patchman also detects and quarantines the affected files. While extremely effective at properly applying trouble-free software patches, should a repair create an issue Patchman can also undo that repair. In other words, keeping your site secure requires virtually no effort, and if something does go wrong, Patchman can often fix the problem for you.

Patchman deploys very easily and can scan your site in as little as 60 seconds. Moreover, Patchman is free for Business Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans. To see any changes it has made for you, simply go to your cPanel, go to the “Advanced” section, and click on “Patchman.”

Staying Safe

Of course, both Patchman and Sucuri are just two parts of a larger security plan. InMotion Hosting works tirelessly to keep our customers safe from attack. But, smart practices by individual site owners and users make for the most effective defense. This includes not installing suspicious software on your site, regularly changing passwords, keeping an eye on suspicious behavior or attacks, and having a plan to recover quickly should an attack occur. Fortunately, with InMotion Hosting, Sucuri, and Patchman, your site is now more secure than ever!

If you would like to experience InMotion Hosting with Sucuri and Patchman, click here to find out more.

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