Boost Your Newsletter – Top Quality Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

You may think of newsletters as some kind of archaic fossil that arrived in the mail once a quarter only to be ignored and tossed in the trash. But newsletters have finally made it into the twenty-first century, and WordPress features several top-notch plugins that will help you use digital newsletters to market your product and services to a wide variety of people.
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VPS Meaning = Virtual Private Servers and What They Can Do For You

Terms come flying at you in the tech world—shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS—but we don’t always understand how things work and what they do. Anyone who has tried to put a website together, for personal or business use, probably already knows that there are plenty of options when it comes to web hosting services; naturally, this means there are more new words and phrases to understand.

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The End of Google+: What it Means for Your Website

This past October, Google announced that they will be shutting down their social network, Google+, for consumers after a data leak. To some this was a shock, and others, not so much.

The reasons that Google gave for shutting down included the lack of use and overall security. They claimed that “90% of Google+ user sessions [were] less than five seconds.” This very clearly shows that users did not intend to visit the social channel, and left immediately after realizing where they were.

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