Use Easy Google Fonts on Your WordPress Website

As part of setting up your website, it’s a really good idea to learn how to use the Easy Google Fonts plugin. When it comes to working on computers, we often become spoiled by the number of fonts that we have to choose from, especially when using word processing applications like Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, these same fonts don’t automatically translate when you try to use them on your website. You also need to be able to use not only a variety of fonts but also professional fonts that will make your website stand out professionally.
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The Easiest Backup Plugin for WordPress

Imagine this: you’ve just wrapped up work for the week and you’re ready to head out the door. Suddenly, you remember that you forgot to backup the website. Augh! Now you have to head back in, fire up the computer, and get the process started. What a disappointment …the entire ordeal could have been avoided by installing an automated WordPress backup plugin.
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What’s the Difference Between an SSD Server and HDD Server?

When it comes to the debate over server types and which one is best, there is a new comparison to consider—solid state drive (SSD) servers and hard disk drives (HDD) servers. Just as floppy disks in the 1980s were gradually replaced by internal hard drives and flash drives, the traditional hard drive in computers is gradually being supplanted by the SSD.
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What is VPS Hosting?

If you are new to the prospect of starting your own website, chances are you are overwhelmed by all the terminology and acronyms. You may have found yourself asking “What is VPS hosting?”  

In a nutshell, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it is an in-between option between having a dedicated server and shared server hosting your website. There are some specific advantages to using a VPS and some options that can make hosting your website super smooth.  
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Can I Use a Free Server to Host My Website?

If you’re just starting up your first website, you may be wondering: “Can I use a free server to host my website?” Today, we’ll discuss all the options you should consider.

Limited Resources

When using a free hosting service, all the server’s resources are split among dozens, or even hundreds of other websites. If another website experiences a spike in traffic, or has some other performance issue, it will affect your website as well.
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