I Saw My Website Files Floating in a Cloud: Why I Can Breathe Easy

Easy cloud backups | InMotion Hosting

For those who don’t know how it works, cloud website backup can seem like a scary option: all of your important data and files, floating around. Out there.

But website backup couldn’t be more important – and backing up to the cloud is a viable, and reliable, option. In fact, we recommend that all of our clients back up to the cloud . . . and to their server.

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What is Captain America’s Favorite WordPress Plugin?

Captain America once said, “Without my WordPress backup plugin, my website would have been taken down by Hydra and I would have lost everything.” I was in just as much shock as you because I didn’t even know Captain America knew what WordPress was. But here he is, talking about how a plugin saved his site from being shut down. And he could not be more right.

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