What is a Virtual Machine?

The easiest way to think of a virtual machine would be as a computer within a computer. Computer operating systems are basically composed of a kernel and a file structure. With current technology, it is now possible for a computer to share its resources in order to run a separate kernel and operating system.

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Tips for Virtual Interviewing

Tips for virtual interviewing | InMotion Hosting

We all know the usual interview process, maybe a round of phone interviews, an aptitude test or technical assessment, then the onsite invitation. You get dressed up in your “power outfit”, you know, the one that makes you feel like you own the place, and head into the office for an interview. You meet the team, make small talk, tour the building, and if all ends well, you land the job! Well, throw all that out the window…with social distancing now in place, virtual interviewing is becoming the new normal.

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What is an API?

In order to better understand what an API is, it’s easier to first ask: What is not an API? An API can be many things, but these are a few things it cannot be:

  • A singular computer program that runs and executes a defined set of functions and nothing else.
  • A database full of various bits of information.
  • A programming language.
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