Choosing a Flexible and Functional WordPress Website Builder Theme

When it comes to building your website, there are thousands of different options for WordPress website builder themes. With some themes, the possibilities of what you can create are limitless.

When you are setting up your WordPress website, it is important to find a theme that is both flexible and functional. Knowing specifically what you want helps narrow down the list as some themes are restricted and don’t have a wide variety of features.
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Looking for a WordPress Auto Backup Plugin?

Did you come here looking for the best WordPress auto backup plugin? We’re going to go over some options with you today – but first, we need to discuss the importance of backing up your site.

If you’re not already backing up your website, then you should be. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your business. Unfortunately, it’s also something that many business owners let fall by the wayside. With the constant demands of running a company, website backup can seem “not that important”. Don’t fall into that trap!
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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

One common hosting type for WordPress websites is Managed WordPress Hosting. What exactly is that? If you are trying to get a personal blog or an online business off the ground, your focus may not be specifically on the technical details of the server. You are probably more focused on adding content to your blogs or growing your business with quality services and products.
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Top Common VPS Web Hosting Questions

Between shared, dedicated, and VPS web hosting, it can be pretty hard to figure out exactly which one is best for you and which one makes the most sense for your company.  VPS web hosting is a fairly new option that is catching on because it offers an in-between option for users who aren’t quite ready to spring for a dedicated server but have outgrown a shared server.
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Easy WordPress Hosting for Your Website

If you’re new to creating or managing a blog or website, you may feel a little overwhelmed when looking for easy WordPress hosting. You have to figure out all the basics: install WordPress. set up the pages, design your website, create content, add images, and so much more. Before all of that, however, you need to find a place to park your site. You need a hosting provider. Prices and packages vary by such extremes that it can seem overwhelming. We’ve heard your frustrations. That’s why InMotion Hosting offers easy WordPress Hosting.
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