Online Marketing Isn’t Instant

After launching changes to your website or setting up an online advertising campaign, most expect to see instant results and floods of leads. Some leads can come immediately, but usually the real results can come up to a year out. According to a Fractl Marketing, “it takes at least 6 months to see results from on-site content marketing”. This would include blog posts, new case studies, and additional website content. For content off of your website, Fractl claims it can take up to “6–12 months to see results”. This would be content such as Facebook, paid advertising and content on other websites.

In this article, we’re going to share why online marketing isn’t instant and how you can make the most impact with your campaign.

Making the Most Impact with Your Online Marketing

Competition – Most companies have some type of competition, whether it be local or online. Developing an online marketing plan is important to grow and rank higher. Once you launch a website and start to establish an online presence, your website won’t rank instantly at the top of Google. It takes time for Google and other search engines to index your website. Targeting specific keywords and getting other websites to link to your website help bring more credibility as well as bring your website higher in search results. This can take time as your competitors may be spending time driving traffic to their website. One way to counter this is to identify your ideal customers. Once you’ve established who they are, focus on targeting them through specific keywords. Over time, your online presence will grow, allowing you to stand out over your competition.

Consistency – With launching a blog or setting up a paid ad campaign, it’s important that you are consistent on writing and posting new content as well as monitoring keywords and understanding how the ad campaign is performing. You may not see instant results, but as they say, “slow and steady wins the race”. Some focus on keywords and if they don’t see instant results after a few posts, they give up. Instead of giving up, if you continue to focus on keywords each post, over time, you will start to see growth. As previously mentioned, your competitors may be targeting similar keywords, so the more that you can pour into driving your content to your specific audience, the greater chance that overtime you will be successful.

Conversion – Sometimes online marketing campaigns can be very successful at getting leads to your website, but the leads aren’t converting. Why is this? Some common reasons can be due to high pricing and difficulty of using your website. Another aspect of leads not converting could be due to not receiving a follow-up email or call soon enough. Sometimes a lot of leads can be people who are shopping and looking for a better deal. In this case, researching your competition and make sure you are competitive with your product or service pricing is a key factor. Visitors that are shopping and not purchasing instantly aren’t considered a bad thing. It may be that they return later to complete the purchase.

It’s common to think that once you publish new material it will instantly bring in new leads and sales. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Some websites which have focused on their competition along with consistency and conversion have incredible authority online, allowing a single blog post to drive converting leads to their store.

Even though you may not see instant results, stay focused on your competition, consistency, conversion and overtime, you will see powerful results. Take the first step and launch a website to get the process started. Launch your website today.

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