Is There Such a Thing as Free VPS Linux Hosting?

Is There Such a Thing as Free VPS Linux Hosting?

Are there companies out there who offer free VPS Linux hosting? Yes, there are many, and while you may be tempted to consider them, you should know what “free” actually means.

The free service very likely have serious drawbacks. You could face limited resources and features, backup problems with your site, and terms and conditions may have hidden fees, contract requirements and/or lack of service coverage and downtime prevention guarantees. In addition, they may even restrict ownership of your own website.

Limited Resources and Features

Most free hosting companies also offer premium services. Those paid users will get priority when it comes to resource allocation and bandwidth. As a free user, you receive less storage space and there is no guarantee that your site won’t suffer data loss if the provider chooses to increase resources for a paid customer.

Another factor to consider is what will happen if the hosting company goes out of business. A business can’t thrive on charity, alone. If they offer free services with no way to gain their money back, that business will eventually fail. What happens then? What if they no longer offer free services or you find out that the free offer was for a limited time only?

In this scenario, you would have to move your site to a new hosting service or upgrade – if they let you, that is. Sometimes, the fine print can state that you don’t own your site anymore.

With free hosting, expect to have limited tools, software options, and plugins. The host company will be more focused on customizing the experiences of the paying customers since that is what keeps their business running.

Since tech support isn’t included for your service, it’s in their best interest to restrict your customization options. Expect that you won’t be able to use service offerings like email support, run scripts, streaming, host databases, PHP, or MySQL for database management.

Free VPS Linux hosting looks great in the advertisement but seriously limits your business options.

Backup Restrictions

When it comes to free services, you’re less likely to have backup protection for your website. The “free” price tag comes at the expense of technical support and space allocation, so backing up your site becomes costly for their services.

Terms and Conditions

When you look at the terms and conditions, you should read them in their entirety. Pay especially close attention to your ownership, support offers, contract length, hidden costs, ad displays, and backup restrictions. It’s also important to see what will happen if the hosting service chooses to terminate their agreement and what you will have to do to move your site elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier, free hosting services have to make their money somehow. They do so by using their own ad services. This means you have no control over what your customers and clients see for ads as they visit your site. Some free services won’t allow you to monetize using your website. See if they allow affiliate links or eCommerce capability.

When it comes to selecting your hosting service, Free VPS Linux Hosting may seem like a great idea, but in the end, it can be more of a headache than it’s worth. Protect your business and your website by investing in affordable VPS Linux Hosting. Choose a service that truly puts the power back into your hands, provides 24/7 technical support, and gives you all the information you need up front without hidden fees or financially debilitating contract terms. If you’re not sure where to begin or have any questions, please feel free to chat live with one of our VPS Hosting Experts!

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