Introducing Website Creator | A New Way to Build the Website of Your Dreams

Introducing Website Creator | A New Way to Build the Website of Your Dreams

Is 2019 the year you begin building your website? There’s no time like the present, and no better time than now with our new bundled solution, Website Creator. The perfect package for those who want to create a website on their own, with little to no maintenance, and a whole lot of support. If building a website has seemed like a daunting task, fear not. This solution has everything, from the moment of inspiration, through every step of the creation process to build the site of your dreams easily.

Easy Website Builder

From the point of purchase, we’ve made it super easy by packaging all of our best products into one bundle to simplifying the dashboard, so that you can focus on getting started, instead of setting things up from scratch. We also put together a website marketing guide with tips on how to use the website builder, and ways to improve your website with marketing and SEO advice. Plus, if you are the type of person who likes a little more hands on approach, we’ve assembled a marketing and design team of experts that can answer questions and walk you through the process LIVE. The Marketing Design Support team will be available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST for now, but you have full technical and account support 24/7/365.

Unlike other web builders, we provide live phone and chat support at no extra cost, and are always available via email as well. Other ways we stand out from the competition include: a free domain, unlimited email accounts without charge, FREE auto-SSL security.*

The website builder itself is the real magic though. This tool provides 200+ free modern templates that are organized by industry so it makes it easy to choose a theme that suits your needs. Edit or add pages quickly with the a simple drag-and-drop editor – no coding skills are required to make customizations. Every design is filled with content to give you an easy starting point and are completely mobile-responsive so it will look amazing on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Website Creator for your Business

The SEO tool will give you real-time feedback on your content, giving you the chance to improve your rankings on search engines like Google, and allow people to find your local brick and mortar store.

That’s the beauty of the Website Creator solution: a straightforward, rapid way to get online. So, are you ready to build your own website?

Get started today by clicking here.

*Correction: InMotion Hosting no longer offers free backups. However, you can now get the feature-rich backup manager service for an additional $2/month.

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