InMotion Hosting vs GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

InMotion Hosting's WordPress Web Hosting vs GoDaddy's Web Hosting

As one of the more well-known companies, GoDaddy is no longer just a domain registrar and has gotten into the WordPress web hosting game. Since we at InMotion are seasoned professionals in this field, and since we cherish good competition, we wanted to see how GoDaddy plans stack up against InMotion Hosting plans.

WordPress Web Hosting Plans Compared

We’ve come up with a few categories that we feel are good measuring points for a host: price, storage, email accounts, and growth options. We are going to examine the entry-level plans since they are usually the most popular and offer a great starting comparison.


GoDaddy charges $6.99/month for their Basic package and InMotion Hosting sets the price at $3.99/month for their WP Core package.

Outcome: InMotion provides basic WordPress hosting at a lower cost than GoDaddy.


GoDaddy offers 30GB SSD storage while InMotion Hosting gives you 100GB NVMe SSD.

Both companies offer SSD (solid state drive) storage which is great. However, an NVMe SSD is much faster and allows your website to load quicker and transfer data faster. Additionally, the amount of storage offered is a HUGE difference. For almost half the price, you can get over 3x the amount of storage with the InMotion Hosting plan. Granted these are the lowest packages in terms of cost but GoDaddy seems to be shorting a bit on their end.

Outcome: InMotion Hosting takes the lead for an impressive 100GB of storage offered.


GoDaddy gives you 1 business email, free for the first year, while InMotion Hosting boasts Unlimited email accounts with no added costs after the first year.

As a business, it is important for branding that your business email has your website name in it. It makes you look more professional, it allows you to keep it separate from any other email, and it’s great for organization in the business. Plus, if you worked for a company with a Gmail address, wouldn’t you feel a little awkward or embarrassed?

With the option to have unlimited emails for your site, you have the room to grow and add people as needed. This will cause less stress, time, and money from having to deal with this later on.

Outcome: 1 business email isn’t going to cut it in the long run, and having to pay after a year is a bummer, too. InMotion Hosting wins this round.


GoDaddy brings 4 tiers for future growth while InMotion Hosting has 6.

During the life of your website, hopefully things have gone well enough that your hosting needs have grown. When that time comes, you will need a WordPress web hosting company that offers you the right plans that fit the best. InMotion has two more plans available than GoDaddy, which allows you to move at your pace and not jump up to a tier that won’t really benefit you.

Being able to slowly upgrade your plan while your website needs grow is not only more beneficial but less stressful as well. If you think that you need to use up more storage just because you want to get your money’s worth, you will start adding things that aren’t needed and clog up your website with junk. You don’t need this, and we don’t want it for you either, which is why we want you to upgrade over time based on your true needs.

Outcome: More options means steady growth, InMotion 3-0.

We Take Pride In Our WordPress Recipe

Any good WordPress web hosting plan will allow you to grow your website as needed. It will also provide you with the storage you need at that time, and at a price that is within your budget. We take pride in our hosting plans and offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. GoDaddy, on the other hand, offers a 30-day guarantee.

We at InMotion Hosting are confident that we have the best options available and are willing to give you the time to fully realize this fact. Feel free to explore our different types of WordPress plans and what they can offer you.

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