How WordPress Hosting is Becoming the ‘Trend’ Hosting

WordPress Hosting Becoming The Trend | InMotion Hosting

When it comes to technology, there are a few brands that stand out amongst the others—Microsoft, Apple, and Sony. These brands dominate their respective fields, but they are soon to be joined by another—WordPress.

WordPress hosting has taken off in the past few years and is becoming the hottest trend when it comes to a content management system (CMS). So when we say that it is really taking off, let’s look at what that means and why you should consider creating your website using this system.

#1 CMS

Content management systems are platforms that are used to create a website. Currently, WordPress is ranked as the number one CMS in the world. Depending on the source, WordPress has between 50 and 60 percent of the CMS market. In fact, almost 30% of the Internet was created using WordPress.  To put that into some perspective, there are about 75 million websites running WordPress today. That is more than any other single CMS on the market.

It’s Good to Be King

When you are the top in something, then there is obviously going to be a big push to ride your coattails and WordPress is no exception. With the rising popularity of the platform, many developers have begun working on plugins that can “tweak” WordPress and add even more functionality to the system.

In fact, WordPress encourages this as the additions to its system only help add to its popularity. People develop plugins for WordPress because it’s so widely used. Those plugins make WordPress a better system. WordPress becomes even more popular and then even more people develop plugins for it. It’s a never-ending cycle of renewal for the platform.

It’s International

WordPress isn’t just producing the top websites in the United States. In fact, there are WordCamps set up all over the world. These are local communities that allow WordPress users to interact and help each other with new design ideas. WordCamps can be found in countries including Spain, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and South Africa. Additionally, WordPress is now available in over 50 languages, allowing many other locations to use these designs to create new websites.

Content Is Still King

Part of WordPress’s appeal is that it makes it so easy to create new content for your blog which will then help to drive traffic to your website. There are over 400 million readers who visit WordPress blogs each month. These can then be turned into leads and made into potential customers. If it is easier for you to publish content and create your site, then you can put more time into creating authentic and interesting content that will help you draw in more readers and grow your business.

Specialized WordPress Hosting

With the growing popularity of WordPress, it should come as no surprise that WordPress hosting options are also expanding. Currently, there are many options for hosting providers who are specifically optimized for WordPress sites.

On a traditional shared hosting platform, you might have hundreds of websites on one server, all spread over a dozen different content management systems. But with WordPress optimized hosting, these servers only contain sites built using WordPress. By doing this, the servers will run much faster (and your site will load and respond faster). Additionally, your site will be more stable as you have WordPress technical experts supporting your site.

Final Thoughts

There are many different companies that currently offer WordPress hosting with a variety of options and pricing plans. One of these, InMotion Hosting, is committed to offering users a stable hosting server with a technical support team that is second to none.

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