How Wix and Squarespace Stack Up Against a WordPress Builder

Want to create a website? On the upside, it’s easier today than ever before. On the downside, there are so many website creators available that it can be difficult to determine which one is the right fit for your business.

Many of the popular options, like Squarespace and Wix, market themselves as “website builders” and that’s exactly what they are: website builders and nothing more. They offer limited features, don’t operate on the WordPress platform, and you don’t even own your site.

They’re easy for beginners, but overall, not the best choice.

In this article we’re going to discuss Squarespace, Wix, and BoldGrid, the difference between each, and why BoldGrid is the best choice.

Let’s get going:

What is a website builder?

Before we get into specifics, let’s start with what a website builder is. Wix, Squarespace, and BoldGrid are all classified as WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) website editors. This means that the content you see on the screen while you’re creating or editing appears exactly as it would when it’s live.

Unlike traditional editors, the user gets a clearer idea of the end result, creating a more streamlined creative process overall. So . . . what makes any singular website builder better than another? While they all offer the same basic features, some of them offer just that – the basic features. Others go far above and beyond.

Here’s a comparison of Wix, Squarespace, and BoldGrid to help you better understand how they differ (and why BoldGrid clearly stands out from the crowd):


Wix is an online website builder started in 2006. Users can design and build their websites (either HTML5 or mobile) using a drag and drop utility with no coding experience necessary. Similar to WordPress, the free version of Wix allows users to customize appearance or add functionality to their site through the use of plug-ins and templates. The website builder includes features such as graphics, image galleries, fonts, apps, and more.

If users want to connect their sites to a custom domain, remove Wix ads, access the form builder, or add e-commerce functionality, they must purchase a premium package.


Squarespace is a SaaS (‘software as a service’) site. That means you pay a monthly fee to use it, but everything you need to build and maintain your website (templates, a content management system, hosting, etc.) is included in that cost.

Like Wix, Squarespace also uses pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop elements, and it has a reputation for being easy-to-use and great for beginners.

The “standard” version of Squarespace is designed for use by people with no coding experience, while the “developer” version is designed for use by those with some prior knowledge of HTML. Using the developers’ version, if you have the skills, allows for manipulation of source code and, therefore, greater customization.


BoldGrid is a popular new website builder which operates on the WordPress platform. WordPress is open-source software, meaning that absolutely anyone can modify it (if they have the know-how), resulting in greater customization, more flexibility, and (often) a more secure product.

One of the biggest selling points with WordPress has always been the high level of customization options: With over 20,000 plugins and 10,000+ themes, you can easily design a unique website and make it your own – and with BoldGrid you have access to all of those plugins and themes, in addition to the 200+ Inspirations it already comes with.

How do they compare?

In a nutshell, BoldGrid is the more flexible, customizable product, but there are a few other key differences. Here’s a quick breakdown:


  • BoldGrid: The basic version of BoldGrid (which includes the drag-and-drop editor, free theme library, integrated stock images, automated SEO, backup protection, and more) is completely free. The Premium version (which includes additional features such as native sliders and block widgets) is just $60 per year.
  • Squarespace: personal plan – $16 per month, business – $26 per month, commerce Basic – $30 per month, commerce Advanced – $46 per month (these costs work out to be a bit less if you pay for the whole year in advance)
  • Wix: basic plan – free, combo – $14.50 per month, unlimited – $17.50 per month, business basic – $25 per month (like Squarespace, it is a bit cheaper if you pay for a year in advance)


  • BoldGrid: If you want to create a website, it doesn’t get any easier than using BoldGrid. Much like the competitors, the drag and drop interface is super easy to use and preformatted content makes customization a breeze.
  • Squarespace: The drag and drop interface is simple to use and making basic changes is pretty straightforward – though it should be noted that the changes you can make are often limited.
  • Wix: Super easy to set up and customize though, like Squarespace, the customizations are limited.
  • Customization:
  • BoldGrid: With access to WordPress’s entire library of themes and plugins, in addition to its own native content, BoldGrid is the clear winner when it comes to customization options.
  • Squarespace: Currently, Squarespace provides 22 ‘families’ of templates, each with a few variants – and while is a decent number, it pales in comparison to what’s available with WordPress.
  • Wix: Wix offers 510 templates and they have 280 ‘apps’ in their marketplace (the equivalent of a plugin) – far more than Squarespace, but they also pale in comparison to WordPress.

Which one should you choose?

When you have to create a website, the number one objective should be to make it your own. Customize it, make it unique, build it to stand out from the crowd.

While Squarespace and Wix are easy to use, their flexibility pales in comparison to the features offered by the combination of BoldGrid and WordPress, and they’re more expensive, to boot!

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