How to Select the Best Hosting for WordPress

If you are trying to set your business apart from your competitors with your website, then it is necessary to pick the best hosting for WordPress. Many times, the hosting service is just as important as the layout and design of your website. If your website is slow, that speaks negative of your company.

The options that are currently available include shared servers, VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud servers. But one of the best options for the money is a managed server. Let’s take a look at some of the different options that are available and why they may be the best fit for your particular website.

Types of Hosting

Each of the main options for hosting WordPress sites—shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud—all carry their own pros and cons.  Shared servers are the least expensive currently on the market (between $5 and $10), but they are also the least reliable. A virtual private server (VPS) costs a little bit more ($10 to $20), but it provides you with more resources like your own secure bandwidth.

The most expensive of these options include dedicated servers and cloud servers which provide the most stability, but with the highest price tag. Some of these cost as much as $1000 a month.

Managed Servers

But if you are looking for one of the best options for your website, you may want to consider a managed server. This is essentially set up on a virtual private server. In this way, you are on one server with dozens of other websites, but your site has its own partitioned chunk of the server set aside to handle just your site and its needs.

What sets a managed server apart from a regular VPS is the level of customer and technical support that you get. Even though a managed server will run you a little more money than a traditional VPS (around $30 a month), it is well worth the money.

One of the most important features of having a managed server is the peace of mind and continual support that you have with your own designated manager.

Many of the cheaper shared server options (and even a few regular VPS options) offer little to nothing in the way of customer support. But a managed server gives you continual customer service that’s there for you if your website has issues or goes down. And let’s face it — that will happen: no system is foolproof and everything will occasionally run into issues.


Another aspect of the managed server is the level of security that it provides you. With a shared server, your website is on the same computer with multiple websites. As a result of this, if one is hacked, all sites on the server are at risk of being compromised. But with a managed server, you are partitioned off on your own and more protected from hackers.  

Additionally, the management side of the service will help to protect your website by regularly updating virus scan software and checking for malware and other bugs that can bring down your site or result in a data breach.

Let The Experts Handle It

But what really helps with a managed server is the fact that it takes a lot of the technical work off of your shoulders. You don’t have to worry about coding or plugins or any of the other myriad technical aspects of running a website. Instead, you can focus on growing your business and making it as successful as possible.

A managed server will allow for automatic backups, updates, and security scans that assure that your website is up and functional as much as possible. If you happen to be an experienced web designer, many managed servers offer a staging area that is easy for you to test out your work before you go live.

Finding the right hosting for WordPress sites doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a managed server, you are getting many of the benefits of the higher-end server options without having to break the bank.

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