Fireworks and WordPress: How to Make Your Website Visitors Ohh and Ahh

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If you’re trying to get your website noticed while building up a readership for your blog, then here’s a scary fact to consider—there are almost 2 billion websites currently on the internet.  That means you’re competing with all of these sites for the attention of your readership.

Now, the good news is that many of those sites are not maintained or even of decent quality. But it also shows that you are going to have to do something special to get yourself noticed. If you are currently using WordPress to put together your personal website, then here are a few things you can do to add some style and panache to your site.

Using WordPress Themes

What makes WordPress so great is the preponderance of ready-made themes available for you to use when creating your site. Some of these can be hit-or-miss, but there are some truly great and professional theme templates that you can choose from. When looking for a theme that is the best fit for you, there are some things to consider, such as:

  • Keep things simple—Too many designers try to throw all of the bells and whistles into a theme. This can look great, but lots of plugins and widgets can actually slow down performance and make your site less responsive. Instead, you want to find a WordPress theme that allows you to highlight and accentuate your website content, making the content the centerpiece of the site as it should be.
  • Keep it responsive—It’s important to make sure that your website will display properly on desktops and also on mobile devices. This means finding a theme that is responsive and designed specifically to work with a variety of different styles and layouts for different devices.
  • Keep it consistent—One of the things that can drive a web designer crazy is the incorrect use of fonts. Besides the use of Comic Sans, the worst mistake a theme can have is a mish-mash of fonts that have no connection to each other. Be sure to choose a font-family that works for your style and stay within that family. You don’t have to use the exact same font for every piece of text in the site. But headings, subheadings, and body text should all be consistent and should mesh together.

Create Your Own Theme

You don’t have to use a pre-designed WordPress theme. If you have some tech savvy, you can spice these themes up by mixing and matching different aspects into something that works best for you. You can further customize this theme by adding plugins and widgets that can add all kinds of cool features and functions to your website. These can include:

  • YouTube Channel Gallery—If you create your own video content, then you can add a widget that displays your YouTube channel feed on your sidebar. This widget also allows your visitors to view the videos without leaving your website.
  • Social Media Widgets—There is a variety of these on the market right now, but they allow users to follow your social media posts with just the click of a button. Also, they allow users to preview your social media posts on your site or sidebar.
  • Sliders—Another plugin type you want to consider is a slider. This lets you display multiple images without taking up all of the space on your layout. Instead, you can layer the images and the visitors can scroll through them one at a time. This gives a lot of great visual style in a small space.

In order to get the attention of potential visitors, you are going to have to create a website that stands out from the crowd visually. That doesn’t mean that you must have a degree in web design, but you do need to take advantage of the themes, plugins, and widgets that can make your web page a vibrant one.

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