How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

So, you have decided to build a website using the wildly popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS). You know you need to buy hosting services, but you do not know how to go about choosing one appropriate for what you want to do. Where do you begin? Is there something unique about WordPress hosting?

Hosting often gets overlooked by people when thinking about building a website. All too often people just go with an old familiar name or try to find the cheapest provider. Unfortunately, that approach may not yield the kinds of results these people actually want out of their WordPress site. So, they end up displeased, their site underperforms, or they hop from one provider to another while their site and business suffer.

To get the most out of a WordPress site from day one, you need a host that knows how to provide the performance you want at a price you can afford. Here are a few things to look for to identify the best WordPress Hosts:

1.      Fast Page Speeds

When building any website page speeds matter. A lot. Page speeds affect your visitors’ satisfaction and engagement with your site. It leads to more conversions in transactional and eCommerce sites. And, (possibly most importantly) page speeds affect rankings in search engines.

Still not convinced? According to Kissmetrics, 47% of people surveyed expected a website to load in two seconds or less. 40% said they would abandon a website if it took just three seconds to load. In fact, a one second delay in page load time could result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Bottom line: pages that take too long to load make people lose interest. That costs traffic, search rankings, and conversions.

InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting uses a combination of traditional Apache coupled with NGINX in a reverse-proxy caching role to produce incredible page speeds and reduce server loads. Check out the WordPress Hosting page to learn more.

2.      Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting takes all of the worries out of running a website. Someone monitors the hardware and operating system of your server to ensure nothing goes wrong. If a component reaches the end of its expected useful life or suffers some other kind of breakdown or fault, the managed hosting personnel make the necessary repairs or upgrades. You, as the site owner, never have to get involved with maintaining the server. That leaves you free to focus on running your website and growing your business.

WordPress managed hosting takes this concept even further. Rather than building a server to host all kinds of different scripts and offering support for all of them, WordPress managed hosting puts just one CMS on a server built just for it. This pairing of infrastructure and expertise makes for a far smoother, more stable operation. It can also dramatically improve site performance.

WordPress Hosting also means better, faster, more focused support. It allows the host to fine-tune settings for performance and security, creating solutions in both the server’s hardware and operating system that site owners often would not be able to access on their own. It often entails automatic backups and software upgrades.

3.      Superior Hosting Features

Finally, while features unique to WordPress Hosting should come first in your analysis, you must not overlook the importance of other services offered by the host. For example, some hosts like to limit the number of email accounts or bandwidth one hosting account can have, while InMotion Hosting offers unlimited accounts and bandwidth. For those with existing WordPress sites, free site transfers can save considerable time, money, and effort. Having SSL certificates has become very important over the last few years, so a free SSL certificate can prove invaluable. Up-to-date hardware, such as powerful processors and SSD drives can also positively impact site performance, so hosts that use this kind of hardware make better choices than those that do not.

Of course, all of these features need to be packaged into an affordably priced product. Indeed, many of these features should come as part of the price of the package, not as paid upgrades.

One WordPress Host with Everything You Need

When it comes to WordPress Hosting, one company stands out for superior hardware and software configurations, customer support, and pricing. InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting towers above the competition in terms of speed, reliability, customer support, and affordable pricing. Indeed, it should not surprise you to know that the criteria described above informed every decision InMotion Hosting made when designing its WordPress Hosting service. To learn more about the best option in WordPress Hosting, check out the WordPress Hosting page.

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