How the Best WordPress Hosting Sites Stand Out

When it comes to finding the best WordPress Hosting provider, your options may seem infinite. We understand that the choices can be overwhelming as basically all hosts offer similar options. Here is a breakdown of some important factors for you to consider before deciding on your provider.

WordPress hosting providers should offer these core features:

  • WordPress pre-installed         
  • Automatic backups         
  • Automatic WordPress updates (with a pre-update backup and rollback capability)         
  • 24/7 security monitoring and additional malware and firewall protection         
  • Web servers that are optimized for WordPress         
  • Free website migration         
  • Guaranteed high-performance results         

While we have several packages that may interest you, we thought we would point out the benefits of other hosts to demonstrate how InMotion Hosting stands out from the crowd.


GoDaddy has been around for a long time. And they offer a variety of packages that virtually anyone can afford. However, GoDaddy is a huge company and may not be able to give you the individual attention your site requires.

Our response: we care about the success of each customer, which often means spending valuable support resources on one individual problem for one single customer. And we’re happy to do it, because we believe our support sets us apart from other hosts.


SiteGround offers a lot of great features for beginners and seasoned developers alike, such as a WordPress staging area and free backups.

Our response: we want to make sure our package is competitive but also not selling anything the average WordPress user won’t need. If a customer is interested in setting up a staging area or automated backup, we can help set those up at no additional cost.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a WordPress-only host offering an optimized, managed, WordPress hosting package. Like SiteGround, WP Engine offers a lot of advanced features for seasoned WordPress users. However, they have a hands-off policy for certain support functions they deem out of scope. This is fine for advanced users, but may leave beginners out in the cold.

Our response: WP Engine does provide solid support for WordPress, but we take additional care and extra step to support those getting started with WordPress.

InMotion Hosting

We’ve earned our reputation as one of the most reliable and dependable WordPress hosting sites on the web. Whether it’s your first website, or your 20th, our managed platform for WordPress is fine-tuned to deliver superior performance, security, and provide best-in-class hosting.

Take advantage of our free website migration to get started, or check out our pre-installed WordPress options. We have a 24/7 support team that is friendly and helpful and can’t wait to see what you put out into the world!

Correction: InMotion Hosting no longer offers free backups. However, the backup manager service is available at a rate of $2/month. It is highly reliable and easy to use.

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