Headless Commerce on Dedicated Servers

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While platforms such as Shopify and Magento exist to provide reliable and customizable eCommerce websites, some users prefer to set up their own headless commerce solution. In this article we will discuss the benefits of using headless commerce on dedicated servers.

Benefits of Headless Commerce on Dedicated Servers


With a dedicated server, you have total control over the software you choose to install. This means you can install the exact software you need to set up your preferred eCommerce solution, both in terms of back-end resources and front-end assets. Need a certain version of MySQL for your website’s database? No problem!


Since you own the entire server, you can make changes whenever you need to. This means you can make quick modifications to your server in response to changing operational demands without worrying about restrictive server limits or performance degradation. Need to upgrade your PHP version to use a new sales plugin? That can be done easily on a dedicated server.


Sometimes it’s just easier to do things yourself. By setting up headless commerce on your dedicated server you can quickly respond to emergency situations and make adjustments to avoid downtime. Rather than waiting for a 3rd party service to resolve technical difficulties, you can be proactive and resolve any potential problems before they result in disruption of services.  


You built it, so you know what’s in it. Avoid hidden software or unexpected compatibility issues by building your own headless commerce architecture with the right tools for the job. If performance starts to degrade, you have access to all server logs and resource monitoring tools, so you can dig into the data and get to the root of the problem without needing to wait in a phone queue.  

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using headless commerce on dedicated servers, you can better decide whether to use a provider such as Shopify or craft a more customized solution.

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