Guide to G Suite Integration on My Shared Hosting Plan

Today, we are going to look at integrating G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) with your shared hosting provider. For years now, Google has provided you with everything from quality email to easy word processing and collaboration in addition to the premier search engine on the Internet.

But you may not be as familiar with G Suite or how it can help your website become a better and more competitive entity on the Internet.

So let’s talk about exactly what this collection of tools can do for your business.

What is G Suite?

As we said, many people are already familiar with G Suite under its former title Google Apps. (In fact, it’s been known as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain.) This is a collection of various tools and software under the Google umbrella. The purpose is to provide you with the ability to do various things for your business. G Suite includes:

  • Communication tools such as Gmail, Meet, and Calendar;
  • Storage tools Including Drive;
  • Collaboration tools such as Docs, Forms, Sheets, Sites, and Slides;
  • Management tools such as an Admin Panel and Vault;
  • Additional tools such as Jamboard and App Maker.

G Suite costs about $5 per month for each team member, but you get all of these tools, plus some other enterprise tools such as personalized email addresses for you and your employees. Instead of using, these addresses will use In addition to this, the Google logo is replaced with your company’s logo on the email to give you a more specialized appearance and to create a more professional tone. The plan also gives each individual up to 30GB of cloud storage and 24/7 customer support through Google.

G Suite and Security—Another feature of G Suite is it allows you to set up advanced admin control and manage mobile devices safely and securely. For instance, you can easily add new users as they are hired and remove older users who are no longer with the company. You can also use your central control panel to set up things such as two-step verification when logging in to emails and accounts. If your company uses mobile devices, you can also set up passwords for these, erase the data if necessary, and physically locate the devices if they go missing.

Integrating G Suite—If you are using WordPress as part of your website with your shared hosting provider, then you can easily integrate G Suite. You can do this under your settings when you are adding a domain registration. When you choose this, you will be prompted to add G Suite to the domain. You can also select the user name and email address for this account. You can also add G Suite easily to an existing domain account.

G Suite is a combination of apps and tools that integrate perfectly with your existing website on your shared hosting provider. This suite of tools can help you set up email and maintain security on your devices and site, all through one centralized control panel. If you have not registered your domain name yet, then you can also do this easily at InMotion Hosting has many shared hosting plans that can help you set up G Suite.  We also provide WordPress optimized hosting, which integrates very smoothly with G Suite.

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