Grub Time @ IMH!

It’s Friday afternoon here at InMotion Los Angeles, and it’s pretty darn silent in the office. (cue the crickets chirping…)

Why you ask?!?  Well, 2 words…FOOD COMA!  This is courtesy of BJ’s Brewhouse for Foodie Friday!  If you’re not familiar with their food, think of a less fancy version of The Cheesecake Factory, but just as decadent.  Besides their award winning beers (which we of course didn’t have here at the office, boo!), they’re also known for their deep dish pizzas and Pizookies!  If you don’t know what a Pizookie is, it’s basically a giant cookie baked in a deep dish tray and topped with ice cream and whipped cream (and they have a variety of scrumptious flavors!).  Our Marketing Dept. decided to share the Cookies ‘N Cream Pizoooookkiiee. Oh man…

Mike eating a Pizookie

Needless to say, this place was a winner for the most part.  Most people gave BJ’s Brewhouse an above average score, equating to a 4 star rating.  The highest rated dishes were the Classic Combo Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Mini Pizza, Grilled Chicken Pasta, Crispy Jalapeno Burger, Maui Glazed Pork Chop, and of course their Pizookies!

Here are a few mouthwatering teasers…

BJ's Brewhouse Pizza

BJ's  Crispy Jalapeno Burger

BJ's Maui Glazed Pork Chop

BJ's Buffalo Chicken Mini Pizza

On the other hand, there was one dish that didn’t quite get a good review. This was the Vegetarian Mini Pizza, which was given 2.5 stars.  Apparently, the topings were good, but the crust was a bit too spongy and squishy for their liking.  Hmmm, maybe if BJ’s would’ve put it back in the oven a little longer, it would’ve worked out better.

Anyway, it’s about time for me to get that afternoon caffeine fix to zap me out of this zombie state.  I’m sure most of us in the office agree that this sluggish feeling was well worth the yummy in my tummy satisfaction!  So, if you’re feeling hungry and are willing to take a nap after, hit up BJ’s Brewhouse!

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