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Is it necessary to use WordPress hosting for your WordPress website?

Well, no. There are hundreds of different hosting options out there and many of them are great providers. Oftentimes, however, website owners sign up for a ‘great’ plan only to find out that it’s not quite what they need.

The problem is that hosting services aren’t one size fits all. What works well for another website may not necessarily work well for yours.

And, of course, if you have a WordPress website, it should go without saying that a WordPress hosting service does better than one-size-fits-all hosting.

We’re going to go over exactly what WordPress hosting is and why it’s the best choice for your WordPress website.

Let’s jump right in:

What Are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

There are four types of web hosting: shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud. In theory, your website could run just fine on any of those, depending on your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Shared server: A shared hosting plan means that you share your physical server with other users. All of the websites on the server share resources, like bandwidth and RAM, with no guaranteed allotment.
  • Dedicated server: The opposite of shared hosting, a dedicated server is entirely yours: All of the RAM, bandwidth and disk storage are dedicated entirely to your website. You can host one or several websites on the same server, and performance is virtually guaranteed.
  • Virtual private server (VPS): VPS is a nice middle ground between a shared server and a dedicated server. Users still share one physical machine, but a certain amount of resources are set aside just for you. That means that no matter how much bandwidth or data any of the other sites need, they can never infringe on what is yours.
  • Cloud server: Like a shared server, resources are split amongst many different websites. The difference, however, is that cloud hosting relies on an entire bank of servers, rather than just one physical machine, so the resources are far greater.

So, with all of these options available, why should you go out of your way to find a provider that offers managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting offers the same basics as most other web hosting services, that is true. But if you run a WordPress website, you need more than just the basics.

WordPress hosting services exclusively cater to WordPress website owners, and their equipment and software are specially configured to meet specific needs. Some advantages include:

  • Many WordPress specific hosting companies offer limited software support–so if your plugin isn’t working or your text isn’t displaying correctly, they will likely be able to help you.
  • Because all websites are running on the same platform, the server’s resource usage is more predictable, and configuration can be more specific.
  • Web technologies can be pre-configured for quick setup within your website.
  • Staging sites can be quickly and easily transferred.
  • All accounts can receive the same custom maintenance.
  • Servers can be set up to protect against WordPress-specific threats.
  • The hosts can perform bulk upgrades and apply security patches quickly and easily.
  • Many WordPress hosting plans include a WordPress website builder, and many also offer themes, plugins and even SSL certificates.

Choosing the Right Provider

Many hosting providers market themselves as WordPress hosting experts when, in fact, they do nothing different. In other words, they are ‘WordPress hosting’ services in name only: no special software, no automated WordPress updates, and no WordPress experts on staff.

So, how can you be sure that you’re getting the real deal and not just a marketing ploy?

Research! Look at the features a company offers, speak to their service team beforehand, and most of all – read reviews! If you can trust anything, it’s first-hand testimonials from other users.

Bottom line: never sign up for a plan just because they say they are a WordPress hosting company. You shouldn’t pay extra money for a service that you’re not really going to receive.

At InMotion Hosting, we have a strong reputation for WordPress website management. Our WordPress hosting is fine-tuned to deliver superior performance, security, and provide best-in-class service.

If you’d like to find out how you can migrate your current website or get started on a new one, reach out to our friendly support team today! They have all your WordPress website needs covered, 24/7.

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