What is Hardware Offload?

Hardware Offload Hero Image

If you find that your server is bogged down with features that could be better handled by a dedicated hardware device, then you can perform what is known as “hardware offload” or “computation offloading”. In this article, we will explore the concept of hardware offload and provide some examples of using hardware to offload certain computational tasks.

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5G Technology and Web Hosting

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With the increasing popularity of 5G-enabled devices, there is a greater demand than ever for responsive, high-speed web services. While not directly involved in web hosting, 5G technology is poised to present a set of new technical opportunities for state-of-the-art web server operations. In this article we will discuss how 5G technology is changing the way people interact with their favorite online services. 

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? title image

You’ve decided to build a website, but maybe you’re still wondering how much work that’s going to take. Chances are, someone has told you to keep things simple and just use WordPress.

There’s no doubt — WordPress is popular. It’s easy to learn, easy to find knowledgeable WordPress professionals, and easy to find WordPress Hosting designed to keep your site running quickly and reliably. But what is WordPress, exactly? What does WordPress offer that other platforms don’t?

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What is Discord?

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So what is Discord exactly? Discord is a platform designed with the purpose of giving users the ability to create online communities for various purposes. While originally popular among online gaming communities, Discord has since been adopted by a wide variety of organizations, businesses, and many other groups. In this article, we will discuss the various features offered by the Discord platform and how you can use them to create your own community. 

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Dedicated Gaming Servers

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While most modern online video games provide their own servers, some games such as Minecraft or Valheim allow users to create servers on 3rd party services. By creating your own dedicated gaming server, you can set up a persistent online gaming environment for you and your friends to use whenever you want. In this article, we will discuss the purpose of dedicated gaming servers and explore some of the benefits of setting up your own server.

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What is LiteSpeed?

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In addition to web server software such as Apache, there are other web server software options available. One of these alternatives is LiteSpeed Web Server. Unlike Apache, LiteSpeed is proprietary software and is not free. In exchange for this increased cost, LiteSpeed offers better performance and newer features than similar web server software. 

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What is IPMI?

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One of the underlying technologies of many data center operations is IPMI. IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface and allows remote users to interact with servers independently of the server itself. Tasks such as installing operating systems that normally require physical proximity to the server can be performed remotely using an IPMI. In this article, we will discuss the concept of IPMIs and some of the benefits of using this technology. 

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What are KVM Switches?

KVM Switch Hero Image

One of the most convenient aspects of modern computing is the ability to interact with your computer using keyboard and mouse inputs and video outputs. While this is common for personal computers, it is slightly less common for web servers. Using a KVM Switch, a user can directly interact with a server using a conventional keyboard and mouse and receive video output on a monitor. In this article, we will discuss the concept of KVM switches and explore the benefits of using this technology. 

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