It’s the second week of June and less than 2 weeks away to the official beginning of summer, but here at the Los Angeles InMotion Hosting office we’re already in summer mode!  In celebration, we choose an appropriate restaurant for the grillin’ season, Hangar19 (The Mesquite Grill).

Hangar19 Burger

Since we’ve actually already reviewed this place before, I’ll keep it short and simple.  This time around we gave this place 3 stars.  Honestly, most people would’ve given a higher rated if we were actually dining in instead of take out.  The food was pretty cold by the time it got delivered, and some of the dishes, such as the mac and cheese, did not travel well.  It was stiff and tasteless.

However, the highest rated dishes were the Tri Tip Plate with Cajun sauce and a side of Grilled Broccolini w/Lemon Zest and the Grilled Shrimp Plate.  Very tasty!

Hangar19 Tri Tip Plate

On the other hand, the Grilled Chicken Breast Plate and the Hangar Turkey Sandwich did not seem to please the palates of those who ordered them.

Hangar19 Turkey Sandwich

Though Hangar19 only received an average rating from our office, I have to say that the two dishes that I’ve tried there, which were the Italian Sausage Sandwich and the Tri Tip Plate with the side of Grilled Broccolini w/Lemon Zest have been pretty good!  So I would recommend those items, but they would probably taste much better eaten at the restaurant.

Until next time, happy eating!

Hangar19 Grilled Shrimp Plate


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