Foooodie Friday! #FF

It’s Friday…and you know what that means here at the InMotion west coast office…Foodie Friday!

I was out of the office with family last week, which meant a non-stop food fest (’cause that’s just what we do I guess heh). So this week, I tried my best to keep my lunch order somewhat healthy to make up for the past weekend of binging.

And, of course, the food choice of the day was Islands, infamous for their delicious 1000+ calorie burgers and fries…ugh, this was a bit of torture! I mean who can resist a juicy burger topped with onion rings and a side of cheese smothered fries!?!

Islands Burger & Fries

Whelp…I did. So I ordered the Northshore Chicken Tacos, with no cheese. BORING! And even worse, their corn tortillas tasted like salted rubber. I gave this dish 2.5 stars. I would’ve gave it a slightly higher rating if the tortillas didn’t suck. So FYI, if you’re going to order tacos from Islands, opt for the flour tortillas instead. On the other hand, maybe I should’ve gotten the Baja Chicken Soft Tacos (with flour tortillas of course), which actually received a higher average rating of 3.75 stars.

In addition to another non-burger item ordered, the Moa Kai (white albacore tuna salad) sandwich didn’t fare so well with a 2 star rating.  On the other hand, surprisingly those who ordered burgers gave mixed reviews, with the turkey burgers getting the higher ratings. They tend to under cook their beef patties, so beware when asking for a specific preparation. So overall, we gave Islands a 3.25 star rating.

I don’t know about everyone’s experience this time around, but I’ve had a couple of Islands’ burgers in the past, and they’ve both been pretty good. So maybe Islands has an issue with consistency. Hmm, well maybe you’ll have better luck trying them out yourself.

But bottom line, if you’re gonna get food from a burger joint, order a burger of some sort and don’t go if you plan on being on a diet!

Nom nom nom…

Jeff Enjoying His Islands Burge

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