Foodie Friday: InMotion Welcomes Sam To The West Coast Systems Team

This past week, the LA InMotion office welcomed Sam, who transferred across the country from the Virginia Beach InMotion systems team.  And since he’s the “new” guy in this office, he had the honors of choosing this week’s Foodie Friday lunch.

Being new to the area, he asked the team for some suggestions.  So a safe choice that everyone in the office liked was good ol’ Mendocino Farms.

Sam & His Korean Short Rib Sandwich

This time around, I tried out one their new Fall seasonal sandwiches, which was the Korean Short Rib Sandwich (plus bacon!).  Sam also had the same sandwich (minus the bacon).

Korean Short Rib Sandwich & Jeff's Homemade Cookie

We both agreed that this sandwich was excellent!  The short rib meat was tender and the sesame chili glaze gave the meat a great sweet and slightly spicy flavor.  In addition, the cucumber-carrot kimchee, pickled red onions, and Asian pear relish were all very complimentary to the sandwich’s overall flavor!

Modern Tuna Melt on Gluten Free Bread & Squash Soup

The majority of the office also gave their lunches an above average rating, making this week’s total rating 4 stars.

Juliana & Her Chicken MBT

Other highly recommended items from Mendocino Farms were the Singaporean Dosa Wrap (which is another Fall seasonal item), the Sophisticated Chicken Salad, and the Modern Tuna Melt.

Singaporean Dosa Wrap

So as I’ve said before, Mendocino Farms is an excellent choice for fresh, gourmet sandwiches and salads.  Oh, and their soups and side salads are excellent too!

Korean Short Rib Sandwich (with Bacon) & Squash Soup

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