Foodie Friday: Freaky Friday The 13th Edition

It’s Friday, the 13th of July, and it’s gloomy and damp outside.  This is quite unusual weather for southern California during this time of the year.  The weather strangely seems to be connected with this superstitious date because the last time it was Friday the 13th, the weather was the same! Well, I hope it goes back to normal summer SoCal weather after today.

Well here in the office, to add to the eeriness of this day, we’ve been having a Friday The 13th movie marathon playing on our projector screen!   Hmmm, and the guy sitting next to me’s name happens to be “Jason!” …ch…ch…ch…ha…ha…ha…



Hah, okay, on to Foodie Friday…

Today, we opted for another round with Ekkamai Thai.  This time around we gave this place 4.2 stars!  This is about half a star higher than the last time.  I think this time around, everyone had a better idea of what to order from this place.

Pad Ekkamai

The majority of the office ordered noodle dishes such as Pad Ekkamai and Pad See-Ew, which were given high ratings.  I myself ordered the Pad Ekkamai with combination meat (chicken, beef, pork and shrimp).  I personally found all of the types of meat to be a bit under-seasoned, except for the shrimp, which was very tasty!  Next time I’ll know to stick with the shrimp option for this dish.  But overall, the noodles were excellent and full of flavor.

For the rest of the InMotion Hosters, there were some different items this time around that were also given high ratings, such as the Sesame Chicken Salad, Garlic and Pepper Chicken, and the Shrimp and Crab in Curry Sauce.  These were all given 5 stars, so definitely give them a try!

On the other hand, there were a couple dishes that just received average ratings, such as the Chicken Pad Thai dish and the Spicy Mint Noodle with Tofu.

Spicy Mint Noodle w/ Tofu

It seams like this time around, most dishes were very well received, which leaves me to the conclusion that Ekkamai Thai definitely has more to offer than just their noodle dishes.  So next time, I’ll venture out on their menu a bit more!

Oh, and one last thing I forgot to mention, if you haven’t tried Thai Iced Tea before, definitely try it from this place!

Thai Iced Tea

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