Foodie Friday Continues! Time For Some Lemonade…

Welcome back to another edition of InMotion Hosting’s Foodie Fridays!  It’s finally feeling like winter time here in Los Angeles with today’s rainy and cooler weather.  With that in mind, everyone agreed to have some type of home-style comfort food, but still keep it somewhat healthy. And a perfect place for that kind of food here in LA is Lemonade, “Southern California Comfort Food.”

Don’t let the name throw you off, they actually do serve lemonade…and, in different flavors!  Check out their menu. But they also specialize in excellent marketplace salads, braises, sandwiches, AND delicious desserts!

Check out these pics:

Needless to say, the office gave Lemonade a 4.2 star rating.  We highly recommend the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Red Miso Beef Short Rib Braises, and definitely try the Jalapeno Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese.  It’s to die for!

And if you’re a vegetarian or just want a large variety of freshly tossed salads, this is the place to go.  Oh, and don’t forget to try their desserts and lemonades!  My fave is their Red Velvet Cupcake, yum!

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