Foodie Friday: Chicken ‘n Shuttles…

Today was quite an eventful and adventurous day for us here at the Los Angeles InMotion office.  First off, we were able to witness history in the making as the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its rounds all over Los Angeles for it’s final journey before retirement, which has been all over the news today.

Though the picture below does not do any justice (everyone in the office only had camera phones on hand), we actually had a great view of the shuttle piggy-backing a jumbo jet, and being escorted by a couple smaller jets.  Quite an amazing sight to see!

But here’s a better pic…

In other news, we decided to be adventurous with our lunch option today and tried out Dinah’s Family Restaurant down the street from our office.  A few people were a bit hesitant to try it out because of a couple people’s opinions, but I say you gotta judge for yourself.

This is place is known for their fried chicken, so fried chicken’s what I got.

Dinah's Fried Chicken

As far as their chicken goes, I can honestly say I’ve had better.  It was a little dry, and the batter was slightly above average.  However, their side dished were pretty good.  I really liked their mashed potatoes and gravy, and their mac and cheese was nice and creamy, though it needed a little salt.

But the star of my meal today was their Banana Cream Pie.  It was amazing!  I’d definitely go back to try out all their other homemade pies!

Dinah's Banana Cream Pie

Other high rated items from Dinah’s was their BBQ Chicken, Fried Fish Fillets, and the Special Club Sandwich.

Dinah's BBQ Chicken

Overall, the office gave Dinah’s Family Restaurant a 3.75 star rating.  One IMH team member quoted “all pretty standard stuff here, nothing amazing, but solid.”  I’d have to agree, with the exception of their amazing pies!

Dinah's Box of Fish

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