Focus on More Than SEO

Do you struggle with getting traffic to your website? Are you having a hard time reaching your traffic goals? This could be due to relying solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get traffic to your website.

SEO is powerful and can help with driving traffic to a website, but generally, you can’t bring enough leads to grow a business. In this article, we will share a few things to help generate more leads through your website.

Bring Growth Through Multiple Focus Points

Most recently, the topic of ‘Growing your business through SEO’ has become widely popular in many blogs and articles. Putting all your marketing budget into SEO or any specific marketing field for that matter isn’t wise. No single marketing field is going to provide the growth that you are looking for. Spend time in several different fields. This is how you can have the most impact. The following fields are just a few that we recommend focusing on:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid Advertising: Just having a live website doesn’t mean that you will get traffic. In fact, with the amount of information that is published daily, it’s hard for your website and content to get attention organically. To get more traffic and customers, you will need to run PPC advertising. PPC along with SEO will increase the chance that you reach your intended audience. Advertising on social media is also a wise idea, but it’s very similar to the greater web ad market where you will need to pay for an advertisement to gain attention. These advertisements are based off the keywords associated with the content that is used to advertise.

Is paying for advertising worth it? In a report from Google, they found that “businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.” We’d agree, gain traffic and grow your business through purchasing advertising.

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  • Multi-Media Marketing: Focus on marketing with multimedia, such as videos, Facebook live, infographics, print flyers, and blog posts. The focus is to drive your audience to respond to a call to action. Multimedia marketing doesn’t have to be done on all your company channels, but also on others. Work to form relationships with others who are in the same field of work and organize a guest blog or social media content swap. This is a great way for those not familiar with your organization to learn more.

Another multimedia marketing method is to create an ebook or downloadable material which will further your customer’s knowledge of your products or services.

  • Google My Business Listing: When searching for a company or keyword that aligns with a local company, Google will highlight the local business options. This comes from a listing for business on Google Maps. Make sure that your Google listing is setup and updated with the latest information to help drive more traffic not only to your website, but also your physical location. Wondering if your company is listed with Google? Read our recent article about how to check.

Relying solely on SEO or any marketing field to bring proper growth to your company is not wise. Focus on several different marketing fields to get in front of your target audience. PPC and social media advertising allows you to reach a greater audience. Mixing up the type of content and focusing on multimedia marketing can allow those who never heard of your organization to learn more.

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