Find Out Why Mommy Blogs Score Hugely With Millennials

Find Out Why Mommy Blogs Score Hugely With Millennials

On the InMotion Hosting blog we’ve written extensively on the importance of blogging for business. But blogs themselves are still doing good business. Even though we live in an age of (supposed) social media dominance, blogs are just as popular as they ever were. And the great thing about a blog is we host it but you own it. So if your social media account should disappear tomorrow (as every Google+ account will be) your blog is still standing.

And what’s one of the most viable blog-types? More and more each day, the millennial generation are having kids of their own. And where are all those new moms going for their parenting information? You guessed it: mom blogs.

Since we work with bloggers every day, we wondered, why are mom blogs so popular? Here are some of the things we’ve discovered:

Millennials Were Raised On The Internet

Millennial mommies know their Internet well, and that’s where they’re accustomed to go when they need to gather information and inspiration. So what does mean for you? That means if you have a blog for moms your content can be of high value to someone who needs it. There’s already a market for you. 

And you don’t even need to educate your readers on how to best consume your content. They already know how blogs work. They can follow your RSS feed, social media channels, or subscribe to your blog directly. All you need to do is give them something to read.

Blogs Are Highly Participatory By Design

In general, millennial moms are interested in brands they can identify with; but, more than that, they want a brand with which they can participate with. Blogs let visitors leave comments, submit feedback, suggest topics, and more. This means the reader has an active role in the actual formation of the content itself.

Blog readers want to participate and connect with you.

Why is this so? We don’t really know. But it must have something to do with the participatory nature of the web itself. Instead of ingesting content through a passive medium (like TV), Internet users feel as though they are curators of and contributors to something bigger and ever-changing.

And even better, the participatory features of your blog are build right into the platform itself. For example, with a WordPress blog, the comment functions are built-in; so the work is already done for you. InMotion Hosting specializes in WordPress hosting, so if you host with us, your blog will be fast and responsive right out of the box.

Blogs Are Easy to Customize

Blogs, in general, use non-proprietary software (WordPress being the most popular). This means you can add new features to a blog with virtually no limitations.

For example, if you grow from a thousand visitors a month to ten-thousand, all you might need to do is expand your hosting to accommodate the influx of new readers.

Interested in adding marketing features? You can easily create newsletters and merge social media campaigns alongside your blogs. Check your favorite apps and you’ll see they probably have a plugin that integrates with your WordPress blog.

Get Started Today

It takes time to get your content ranking well in search engines. This means even if you’re just thinking about starting a blog then the time to start was yesterday. Our hosting packages make it easy to get started, so you have no excuse. And we have 24/7 support available to answer all of your questions.

Why should you get started right away? You’ll probably make mistakes as you go, and that’s OK, because each misstep along the way will teach you more and eventually you’ll be an expert.

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