Easy WordPress Hosting for Your Website

Easy WordPress Hosting for Your Website

If you’re new to creating or managing a blog or website, you may feel a little overwhelmed when looking for easy WordPress hosting. You have to figure out all the basics: install WordPress. set up the pages, design your website, create content, add images, and so much more. Before all of that, however, you need to find a place to park your site. You need a hosting provider. Prices and packages vary by such extremes that it can seem overwhelming. We’ve heard your frustrations. That’s why InMotion Hosting offers easy WordPress Hosting.

If you choose one of InMotion Hosting’s WordPress hosting packages, you’ll get the following:

Straightforward Pricing with No Hidden Fees

There is nothing more frustrating than hidden fees and confusing wording when it comes to a contract agreement or service plan. We offer a hassle-free set price so that you’ll know up front how much you’ll pay. We also have introductory pricing for you in two tiers: a two-year option and a one year option. The original price is right under the discount price, so it won’t surprise you later.

Dedicated Support

Our team is dedicated to serving you. We have WordPress Hosting Experts on standby to help you with everything from WordPress installation to troubleshooting a problem. We even go the extra mile to preinstall WordPress, saving you more time. Simply select WordPress during the checkout process and we’ll get it install for you.

Staging Environment

Staging by BoldGrid is a free plugin solution that’s included with your InMotion Hosting package. You can run two sites at once! The staging environment is a sandbox where you can make changes, update or test plugins, and more. When you’re ready to make your changes live, you can publish them with a single click.

Free SSL

An SSL certificate is provided with your WordPress Hosting plan and allows visitors to be assured that your website is secure.

Auto-updates with Rollback

If you get a WordPress error, a critical plugin failure, or more during an update, you can roll WordPress back to previous working versions.

SSD Storage

SSD (solid-state drive) storage means we increase your speed 20 times faster than a traditional hard disk drive. This also means your data is accessible quickly for all of your visitors.

Free Website Migration

We offer free website transfers so you won’t have to worry about moving your existing site to us! We work hard to make sure you don’t have any downtime or loss of information.

Money Back Guarantee

Most web hosting companies offer 30- and 45-day guarantees, but we go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. We offer a 90-day money back guarantee because we’re so confident that you’ll be pleased with our hosting and expert service.

If you want easy WordPress hosting, come to InMotion Hosting. We have everything you need to make your website or blog a success. If you’d like to see how we compare with other industry leaders in hosting, check out our comparison chart.

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