Do You Need A Dedicated Server?

There are many options when it comes to hosting solutions, and some of them start as low as $5 a month. So why do you need a dedicated server, which can cost significantly more?

The reason is because, in today’s world, consumers expect you to have a website. Even more so, they expect it to look great, be easy to use, and run well. Whether you’re brand new to business or you’re a seasoned veteran, there is little that matters more than your web presence.

In most cases, you have about 2.6 seconds to make an impression. If a potential customer drops by and it takes 6 seconds for your page to load, they’re not going to wait. They’re going to move on to your competitor with the faster website.

If you want maximum performance, the fastest service, and the latest technology, there just isn’t anything better than dedicated hosting.

What Makes A Dedicated Server Different?

When you sign up for shared hosting, your site is on a physical server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites.

Think of it as the school classroom–there are limited resources, and everyone needs to share them. If there are 24 students, but only 18 textbooks, everyone can’t use one at the same time. If one person gets a virus, everyone gets a virus.

Shared hosting works much the same way. If a particular website takes up too much of the resources, it will slow everything else down. If a particular website gets a harmful virus, it can potentially infect other websites.

A dedicated server, on the other hand, is an entire machine just for your website. No one else uses it, and all the resources are powering your site.

Do I Need A Dedicated Server?

Think a dedicated server sounds great, but not sure if you need all that power? Here are some reasons you might need a dedicated server:

Custom Programming: Most shared servers do not offer much, if any, customization. With a dedicated server, on the other hand, you pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever you want. From hardware specifications to custom software, to the operating system you use, you have complete control. In addition, there aren’t any other users to worry about if you want to shut things down for an update or back-up.

Traffic Volume: If your business has grown to the point where you regularly see numbers in the six figures, you should consider a dedicated server. Without the proper foundation, high volumes of traffic can cause disastrous service outages.

Consider Amazon. In 2013 their site went down for just 40 minutes – an error that cost them a whopping $4.8M. While most companies are not on that level, it’s just not worth it. Whether you lose $200 or $200,000, no one wants to be out money.

Page Load Times: As we mentioned above, you have about 2.6 seconds to make an impression. That means that if your page doesn’t load in that time, the visitor is going to hit the back button and go somewhere else.

Page load time is so important, in fact, that even Google has taken note. As far back as 2010, they were using site speed as one of the factors in their algorithm to rank pages.

When there are a large number of sites sharing the same resources, it can slow everything down. You can avoid this issue by moving to a dedicated server, where the resources are yours alone.

Increased Security: Let’s start by saying, using a shared server does not 100% guarantee that you are going to get hacked or get a virus – but the chances are increased.

In the above example, we used a school classroom. We all know how quickly something as simple as the ordinary cold can spread amongst a close-knit group of people.

But how often do you think you’d get sick if you never had contact with other people? Probably not very often, right? It is still possible, of course, but not likely. And, worst-case scenario, if your site does become infected, it’s easier to fix and easier to figure out where the issue arose.

Do you need a dedicated server? If you’ve had issues in the past, or if your site has grown too large for its current hosting company, or if you’re expecting a big jump in traffic soon – then chances are you do.

A dedicated server will equip your site with unparalleled performance, guaranteeing the best customer experience possible.

If you’re unsure or you have further questions, contact our team today to learn how we can help you get the most out of your website.

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