What is the Difference Between a Managed and an Unmanaged (Self-Managed) VPS?

Managed versus unmanaged (self-managed) VPS hosting

With the launch of InMotion Hosting’s new Self-Managed (Unmanaged) VPS product, SysAdmins and experienced developers have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for this new solution. But, the distinction has left others wondering which product would best serve their needs. One of the most common questions we have received has been “What is the difference between a managed and an unmanaged VPS, and which one should I choose?”

Obviously, virtual private servers (VPS) have become very popular over the last few years. They offer many of the advantages of a dedicated server but at a lower cost point. But, with the new option of managed versus unmanaged VPS, many users want to know how each one benefits them and how to choose the right solution for their needs.

Unmanaged (Self-Managed) VPS

Unmanaged VPS hosting (also known as “Self-Managed VPS”) tends to require a customer with a more thorough understanding of Linux and the command line. In this arrangement, InMotion Hosting provides the customer with the VPS, but running it falls to the customer.

Think of it like buying a pre-built computer versus building your own computer. When you buy a pre-built computer, it comes with everything already decided for you. You bring it home, plug it in, and turn it on and all the software has already been installed. On the other hand, when you build your own system you get to choose each piece of hardware, put it together, select your operating system, and install your own software. Building your own system takes more work, and you cannot simply turn it on and begin using it. But, in exchange for this additional effort, you get self-determination and control over your hardware and software. You can choose your favorite operating system and the apps you want to install, no longer beholden to the manufacturer’s one-size-fits-all selections. Similarly, with a Self-Managed VPS, you have to do some initial set-up and later management. Yet, you get to choose the software configuration you want to perfectly suit your operating specifications.

Self-Managed VPS customers have to make sure everything works the way they configure them and perform updates themselves. Obviously, this is not a job for novice users. It is probably not even a job for someone who does not feel comfortable managing services and scripts themselves. If in doubt, you should probably stick with a Managed VPS product and focus, instead, on growing your business and optimizing your site.

Managed VPS

Managed VPS provides an excellent solution for most users who would prefer to have an expert manage their server while the customer focuses more exclusively on their business, their websites, and their clients. Not everyone who uses a Managed VPS lacks technical savvy; far from it! Some prefer this solution because it requires less effort to set-up, requires less monitoring, and tends to “just work” with little or no effort.

In a Managed VPS product, InMotion Hosting remains responsible for configuring and managing the VPS for the customer. That means we do the initial set-up, perform upgrades, and if something fails to operate correctly on our end, we fix it right away with minimal downtime to your site. You have access to your server through cPanel to do whatever you want with your site. We make sure the VPS gets regular updates, remains secure, and ensure that our resources run according to specifications. The rest is up to you.

Still Have Questions? Ready to Order?

If you want to know even more about the pros and cons of Managed versus Unmanaged (or Self-Managed) VPS, talk with one of our friendly, knowledgeable Sales staff today. They can also help you when ready to order, or you can select the perfect VPS to suit your needs.

3 thoughts on “What is the Difference Between a Managed and an Unmanaged (Self-Managed) VPS?

  1. in last few years, i have purchased few vps and try managing my self with ups and downs. get familiar with manual lamp stack configurations / webmin / vestacp / cwp . In same time, i also dealt with managed VPS, which surely is expensive but easier.

    Suggestion, write more articles about how self managed vps get closer to managed vps. time is pretty close when individuals can almost acheive same service with little effort and less money offcourse. thanks,haseeb

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