Upgrading to Dedicated Hosting: Why, When, and How?

Upgrading to Dedicated Hosting Hero Image

Before upgrading to dedicated hosting, it is important to consider a few different concepts. What do you plan to use the server for? Where you want your data center to be? How do you know if dedicated server hosting is right for you? These are all questions that need to be answered before you can begin the upgrade process. In this article, we will discuss uses of dedicated hosting, the importance of data center location, and aspects to consider when looking to upgrade your hosting.

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RAM and Dedicated Servers: Boosting Your Server Speed

Dedicated Server RAM Hero Image

When choosing the right set of hardware for your server, the options can become overwhelming. Which CPU will serve you best? How much server RAM do you need? How much storage do you need? Should you add a remote KVM for LOM access to your machine? With so many factors to consider, one factor often gets taken for granted: the actual amount of RAM you will need for your server.

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