Dedicated Hosting Is in the Big Boy Room

Dedicated Hosting is In The Big Boy Room | InMotion Hosting

Your Essential Dedicated Server is waiting.

What’s Essential? That’s our entry-level dedicated hosting tier. It’s the most affordable dedicated hosting option we have.

But some of you may still be wondering what dedicated gives you that VPS or cloud simply don’t.

Shopping Around For Dedicated Hosting

Have you shopped for a new TV? You walk out onto the main floor and you’re bombarded with all the flashing screens.

If you’re in a higher-end store, you might notice there’s a room set apart from the main floor. There are fewer TVs in that separate room, but they look like works of art.

Some salesmen refer to that place as the “Big Boy” room. Here’s where they keep the best TVs.

You may not be ready for the Big Boy room, but when you are you’ll find a level of quality and service that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Dedicated servers reside in the Big Boy room of hosting accounts.

The Dedicated Landscape

You may hear a lot of talk about cloud hosting these days. And if you’re confused at all the differences between cloud hosting, cloud VPS, and dedicated hosting, we can clear it up for you.

Cloud hosting basically spreads the data across multiple servers and allows for potential savings in costs and resources, high availability and high flexibility. VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are basically a container or partition of a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is a complete server dedicated to your account alone.

Cloud hosting offers the best bet in terms of adjusting resources based on various conditions. But this can also mean variable costs. And reaching those maximum savings requires a lot of research and administrative operations.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, gives you speed, security and freedom, but it’s not quite in the Big Boy range yet.

Dedicated Hosting runs on a fixed cost model, so you will always pay the same, but it gives you maximum freedom and resource allocation. It’s always on and always ready to serve you.

Are you ready for the Big Boy room of hosting accounts? If not, that’s all right, you’ll find plenty of great hosting options to get you started. But when you are ready to make the jump, we’ll be there to support you through the whole process.

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